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10 Best Web Hosting Companies Worldwide

Hosting is one of The Initial and Main Investment/Need for Starting a Blog/Website. There are Tons of Hosting Services Out There, But Not All of Them are Good!

If you take a wrong decision in choosing the Right Web Host for your Blog, you could find yourself in extreme trouble! You can loose a serious amount of Visitors from your blog if your Web Hosting is too slow. So, If you dare to choose a Web Host whose Servers are not configured with the right Hardware, Your Blog could become too slow as the load on the Server increases and the server couldn’t handle that much. Newbie’s are Often Confused in Choosing Good Hosting Service.

Best Web Hosting Companies

Considering, it’s the most important part of creating a Blog/Website,’s really important to do a lot of research and then choose the Best Web Host suitable to your need!

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Here are the Top 10 best Web hosting Companies in the World

There are many factors to look upon, while choosing a Hosting Service, Some of them are!

  • Good Up-Time
  • Good Support
  • Appropriate Server Speed
  • Bandwidth Limit
  • Hosting Space
  • 1-Click Installing Software
  • Of MySQL Databases
  • of E-Mail Accounts

Don’t want to spend your precious time in Researching about the Web Hosting Services?

Well, I am here with ‘The Best Hosting Services: Top 10 List’ to save your Research time & here I will tell you about the Best 10 Hosting Services in the Industry!


BlueHost Best Web Hosting

Bluehost is always known for its quality web hosting service. It is on the first place on our list of Top 10 best web hosting companies in the world. If you want a Reliable, Cheap, Good Web Hosting for a mid-level traffic website, BlueHost will be the best option. They are in web hosting business since 1996 and they are on the top of best web hosting companies.

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A normal or basic Bluehost account cost around $6.95 per month. Bluehost is known for its excellent server time, excellent customer support, unlimited services like unlimited disk service, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts and many more.


HostGator Best Web Hosting

Hostgator is a big name in Web Hosting world and it is on the second place on our list of Top 10 best web hosting companies in the world. They have everything you want in a Good Web Host. Hostgator provides super stable service and great customer support.

More than 8 million domains are hosted on Hostagtor. Definitely Hostgator is a recommended web hosting service to choose from.  Their normal Web-Hosting plans starts from $3.96/month. Their Up-time, Server Speed, Storage, and Bandwidth everything is up to the mark. Their support services are the Best in the Industry.

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JustHost Best Web Hosting is a new entrant in the Web hosting arena and it is on third place on our list of Top 10 best web hosting companies in the world. is a reliable web hosting provider which aims to provide quality and affordable web hosting. The web hosting provider has started their business in 2008 in California. In a short span of time they grew tremendously.

HostMonster Best Web Hosting

Hostmonster is reputed name in web hosting industry. Their main goal is to provide top notch web hosting service to its customers. one of their  best feature is that if your server fails because of power cuts or any other reason, they automatically switches you to other server or clusters you with another shared group for a short period to avoid the closing of your site.

Also Read: Top 10 Best Websites To Play Free Online Games is a experienced contender in web hosting world. The company was born in 1999 and now become a big organization with over 110,000 clients hosting over 470,000 sites with it. They provide exceptional customer support. One best point is that they assign a personal support agent to each client while sign up. They always provided 99.9 percent of uptime.


Godaddy Best Web Hosting

Godaddy is great web hosting which hosts about 55 million domain names. Godaddy provides great services of web hosting so remain in top 10 list. Their servers are located in the most countries.

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iPage Best Web Hosting

Yet again a big one. iPage is another Web Hosting that’s going strong and strong in the last few years. Their plans start just for $1.89/month! They do provide some unique features with their Web Hosting plans that even big ones fail to do, like ‘Free SiteLock Security Suite’ & ‘Free Marketing Tools’. A Good Choice again If you want cheap Hosting. iPage was born in 1998. Their latest stats shows iPage has over 1.5 million domains under their shadow and provided hosting services for over 1 million individual websites.


DreamHost Best Web Hosting

Dreamhost is a well known web hosting company. They aim at providing quality services with affordable plans. They are one of the old web hosting company. Although their Plans are little expensive compared to others, starting from $8.95/month, they too provide quality Hosting services. I’ve never seen their Servers go down.

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Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting Best Web Hosting

The Company came into existence in 2001. They aims at providing 100 percent customer satisfaction as they provides quality and reliable web hosting services. They even claims to give money back, when not satisfied with services.


Xinnet Best Web Hosting

Xinnet is a Chinese web hosting provider and it is on sixth place on our list of Top 10 best web hosting companies in the world. They are one few in china to have their own data centers. They have provided excellent services to Chinese people.


So if you want to choose a web hosting provider for your site, you can consider above list of Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies in the World.

There are thousands of web hosting companies in the world. Each saying we are best. Do they really are? If you are looking for a Web hosting company to host your site, you can choose from many. But can they all provide really good service, possibly not.

Often people get confused while choosing a great web hosting. But you doesn’t have to worry about this, because we are presenting you with 10 Best Web Hosting Companies Worldwide, those are listed above. ?

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