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13 Shocking Facts about NASA You Should Need To Know

For a government organization that has taken astronauts to space, it is natural for it to be shrouded in some invincibility and mystery. Due to these mysteries, it is natural for there to be some facts about NASA that seem shocking. Since its inception by Eisenhower in 1958, not many people are aware of what really goes on in the organization. This article will look at some shocking facts about NASA that will leave your mouth gaping.

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Fact 1


The building where Vehicle Assembly is done is so huge that it happens to have its own weather. Actually, it has one of the world’s largest air conditioning systems that prevents the Florida humidity causing rain clouds on the building’s ceiling.

Fact 2


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Funny enough there was a time that three men from Yemen sued NASA for trespassing Mar. According to the three, NASA should not have gone to Mars without their permission as they claimed the inheritance of the planet from their ancestors some thousands of years past.

Fact 3


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In 2006, NASA revealed that the tapes recorded during the first landing on the moon had been inadvertently recorded over However, NASA realized there were other groups that had the recordings. These included copies at the Johnson Space Center as well as CBS, which are being restored currently.

Fact 4


In 1997 there was a poll conducted among Americans based on NASA’s budget. The polls reported that most Americans thought NASA had a funding of 20% of the federal budget. It was only then that it was revealed that the actual budget consisted of one percent per tax dollar. Presently, the figure stands at $0.005 cents per dollar. This is the present funding that NASA receives from the Federal Government Budget.

Fact 5

New staff in NASA are often played the Armageddon Film and asked to find the scientific inaccuracies that are in the film. The real figure is 168. Therefore, they make use of the film’s material to train their staff to take on a more realistic perspective on space travel.

Fact 6


An artificial body was discovered by Space watch in 1991 close to the earth. This has been listed in a database for NASA Astrophysics as a possible alien probe. It was within the vicinity of the planet, and it is estimated that its orbit may bring it back close to the earth in 2016.

Fact 7


NASA pays up to $15,000 to lay in bed for a duration of 90 days to make measurements on effects that zero gravity may have on your body.

Fact 8


NASA has discovered a planet located 40 light years away. The “Water WorldPlanet is said to contain material that is exotic. They include super fluid water as well as hot ice.

Fact 9


Stanley Kubrick while filming Barry London, a Victorian masterpiece, used lenses commissioned by NASA. They were commissioned for Apollo Moon Landing. By enlisting the lenses, Stanley managed to capture scenes that had been lit using only candlelight. These mysterious facts about NASA also go beyond the boundaries of space exploration.

Fact 10


A large area over Brazil has a weakened Earth magnetic field. Owing to the anomaly referred to as South Atlantic Anomaly, NASA powers down Satellites when passing above the said area It is a vast area; however, NASA has the technology for powering down the satellites for the duration it passes above the area.

Fact 11


The Apollo Astronauts did not qualify for insurance prior to going to the moon. As such, they used insurance autograph signing prior to the launch of Apollo. In case any of them passed on during the space mission, it was likely that their life insurance would skyrocket due to the sensitivity of the mission.

Fact 12


Shockingly, the computer by NASA to convey astronauts to the moon contained a less powerful computer compared the one contained in your Kitchen microwave. It only had 64KB of memory, and it operated at 0.043MHz.

Fact 13


NASA discovered a very strange and loud noise in space in 2016. According to NASA, it was louder than any noise they would have expected. The Space Roar as NASA called it is yet to be identified to this day. This is among the most mysterious shocking facts about NASA.
There are many more facts about NASA that are unknown to this day. Those interested in space and NASA are aware of some of the shocking facts about NASA. However, to most these facts are unknown.

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