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15 Best Android Music Player Selection

So we are here with the answer of how to choose a best android music player? Gone is the time when the mp3 player was a revolution … Today, it is possible to listen music with any portable device. Our smartphones are the first affected, but listening to your favorite music is no longer limited to the simple transfer of files in the device memory. To enjoy your mp3 collection on your phone or tablet we offers a selection of 15 best android music players of the moment.

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Our Android smartphones and tablets can now contain thousands and thousands of music files. This is also the strength of the mobile ecosystem of Google versus Apple. The Google Play Store is full of apps for reading all this content, but all music players are not equal.

Here’s Our Selection Of The Best Android Music Player!

1. Poweramp Music Player

best android music player Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is undoubtedly one of best music player for android by Max MP, that help you to manage all your music format files with one app. Though Poweramp is a paid music player but they offers 15 days free trial with complete features, this is just to help you in deciding whether you need to purchase the premium version or not. The reason behind its #1 ranking is, it has many features built-in in this robust android music player app, which includes stereo expansion, 10 band optimized graphical equalizer, Gap less (Interval less) playback and much more.

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If you listen to music daily then we recommend you to buy its full version license. Poweramp is simply awesome app in which huge customization is possible. We recommend our readers to give this beast music player at least a try once.

2. DoubleTwist

best android music player DoubleTwist

Another great Android music player developed from the Doubletwist Inc. It is one of most popular android music player with an average rating of 4.3 in Play Store , due to its syncing capability with iTunes and podcast managing features which are hidden in this android app. Best part is that this music player for android is completely free, though there are some in-app purchases.

Since it is crowded in the playstore, it has many features that you need to know before you proceed to download. The user friendly interface attracted me, it has simple interface and completely clatter free UI for listening to music. Though it is free but you need to do some in-app purchase to get some of the premium features like Magic radio subscription.etc. I’ll say the in-app purchase is worth for spending your penny for daily music listener.

3. Google Play Music

best android music player Google Play Music

Google music player is another great app developed by the Google Inc, which doesn’t have killer customization features like Poweramp or Doubletwist apps but the reason why I’ve ranked Google Music Player in the #3 is because, being a product of Google it fits perfectly in any android smartphone unlike other music players. Google Play Music has very elegant user interface and you can easily find any music track from this app.

Being a free product it attracts millions of the Android users. The another great thing that I’d liked about Google Play Music is, it is updated frequently with improved interface and options. Overall if you thought of enjoying the great interface, Google Play music is the only app which you need to install in your android phone.

4. Shuttle

best android music player Shuttle

Shuttle is silent rising star in the Android music player industry. Shuttle is the premium and best android music player that you should know about. With it’s simple and pretty good customizing options, it had created an identity with itself in a short period of time. Unlike Poweramp and Doubletwist, Shuttle is the lesser know android music player but it provides some of the out of box features like it downloads Art work and lyrics on its own using MP3 track name. Shuttle will not disappoint equalizer lovers too as it has in-built 6 band equalizer too.

Audio tunneling feature of Shuttle is one of the best feature of this app especially for users who loves to listen music for long time as it will save your battery juice while playing music (not available for all devices though). It lacks many of the customization options but still it has all the essential and basic requirement for the android music players. I’ll recommend this Android music player for my beloved android phone readers as it is free to use. (Though premium version is also available).

5. Player Pro

best android music player Player Pro

Player Pro is one of best music player for Android which can play video files as well. I have to say that equalizer of this app is totally awesome. If you are an music effects lover and loves to listen music into different effects, then I am damn sure that you will love this android music player.

Some best features of Player Pro:

  1. This music player supports a lot of codecs.
  2. A lot of skins are also available for this music player.
  3. You can also do tags editing in bulk including Artists, years etc.

6. n7 Music Player

best android music player n7 Music Player

n7 is another best android music player which is downloaded by more than 10 millions people. This music player offers many advanced features to its users like scrobbling, moreover it can play multiple music formats like mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, ogg, mkv, flac, aac etc. You can also manage bass and treble using this music player so that there is no need to install any additional equalizer. Recently, they updated this app with intuitive UI with some awesome features like zooming into album wall etc. There are many custom skins available for this app too which can make your music player stylish and good looking.

7. Neutron Music Player

best android music player Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music player is another music player for android which has some powerful features like it supports 32/64 bit audio processing (can play HD audio songs easily). Moreover, this music player also supports lyrics file. So, it can be best music player for lyrics lover. Neutron Music player provides some additional features like DSP modes, Cross Fading etc.

8. Equalizer+

best android music player Equalizer+

9. Amazon Music Player

best android music player Amazon Music Player

10. Gonemad Player

best android music player Gonemad Player

11. Rocket Android Music Player

best android music player Rocket Android Music Player

12. JetAudio Music Player

best android music player JetAudio Music Player

13. Player Pro Music Player

best android music player Player Pro Music Player

14. MixZing Music Player

best android music player MixZing Music Player

15. Pixel Music Player

best android music player Pixel Music Player

Final Words,

The default android music player doesn’t  help you in customization. If you’ve any one of these best android music players, you’ll get a chance of complete control over your musics section. Although the default is best, if you not listening to music on the regular basis. Overall having the Best music player for android is far better than to stuck with the default one!. Hope you’ve got idea, regarding the Android Music players and best apps in that industry.

Do know any other Best music player apps for android smartphone other than these? Let me know!

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