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20 Best Texting Apps For Your Mobile

Best text messaging apps for android is most trending these days. Today on Mad Thesis we are sharing the all new best texting apps for android. Our list is handpicked and one of the best android messaging app on the internet.

Texting which was once only a transfer of information from one person to another has now, in today’s digital technology has emerged in over more than hundreds of forms in the forms of online chatting, MMS and SMS. The out pouring of the updated forms of texting through Watsapp and other such text messaging apps for android  and free messaging apps have pushed the traditional messaging services far behind.

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The only issue that one faces with these new systems is that if there is a lack of internet connectivity, messaging would only become a lucrative hope. The default text messaging app for android with does not require any data connection and charges except your cellular message fee would be available but looking at the current trends, it would not be up to the mark.

Best Text Messaging Apps For Android

Best Texting Apps For Android Or Iphone

In puddle of Android apps, you can quickly get rid of the standard Android messaging app replacement. In Google Play Store few times, you would at least find two the best one that ensembles your requirement.

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Here, we are disclosing some of the best texting apps for Android phones to encourage amazing SMS or MMS communications.

Chomp SMS

chomp Best Texting App

At present, Chomp SMS is roiling 10 million strong users’ base that definitely rates it as the best android messaging app. you can set the backgrounds, themes/skins as per your mood of texting. This will help you empower your texting visually. It is one of the best texting apps for Android.

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With this text messaging app for android, you can also schedule your good morning and good night messages with chomp. The unlimited available features such as inbuilt app lock, text message scheduling, deleting text messaging during sending, blacklisting contacts, backup and restore, digital signature, favorites and other such amazing features will make your day. If you rely a lot of texting, this is the app for you.

Chomp SMS Features

  • Schedule messages
  • Group messaging
  • SMS Backup and Restore supported
  • Blocklist the contacts
  • Pin personal conversations
  • Schedule messages
  • 1600+ android, twitter emojis to play around
  • Password protect your conversation
  • Digital Signatures
  • Stop the spending message
  • Support PushBullet, Mighty SMS are supported
  • Over 100+ themes to customize the chat area

Handcent Next

Handcent Next Best Texting App

Handcent Next has served smartphone users with ample of working space around texting since its launch in 2010. Being one of the simple yet amazing text messaging apps for android, it provides many features like syncing contacts with the cloud servers, advanced customization with hundreds of themes and what not.

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You can send a message from your computer to tablet without any physical contact with your smartphone by the Handcent Anywhere feature. The privacy box gives you space for your personal messages which can be locked and unlocked with a passcode. It seems like a treasure box for messages making it the best texting apps for Android.

Handsent Next Features

  • Ultimate Customization
  • Handcent Anywhere
  • MMS plus
  • Send bulk SMS
  • Pop up For Quick Reply
  • Private Box
  • SMS Backup
  • Group texting makes this app beast
  • SMS Blocker/Blacklisting
  • Scheduled Task
  • Packed with beautiful emoji
  • Stickers
  • Handcent Talk
  • Send and receive vCards
  • Sticky on top
  • Dual SIM
  • ECard
  • Handcent Talk
  • Globalization

Textra SMS App

Textra SMS App Best Texting App

The Textra app has changed tremendously after implementing the material design from the Android Lollipop. It is one of the trending text messaging apps for android. You get a variety of over 100+ unique skins to apply and customize to your android chatting area. Since it is one of the free messaging apps, you can explore unlimited themes every day.

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Even though it is a small sized (less than 3 MB) app, you get unlimited features like bubble style options to modify the UI, changeable app icon, dark & light mode and what not. This app works seamlessly with a low end smartphone as well so you did not worry. Not only that, with this best texting app for Android you can even, send multiple photos through MMS, delay the sending SMS, slide the chat area to get the camera, take SMS backup and restore, blacklist contacts, Bomb SMS and compress.

Textra SMS Features

  • Small, efficient and effective app
  • Supports SMS/MMS
  • Delay the sending SMS
  • Mute individual/group conversation
  • Quick reply in Pop-up chat
  • Auto-save videos and images
  • Tons of themes to customize chat area
  • Compatible with Android wear and PushBullet
  • Blocks spam messages

Hold on your horses. Textra is the home for over 1600+ emojis. You can now express your feelings without even writing a word. Isn’t it the best android messaging app?


MY SMS Best Texting App

MY SMS is a game changer free messaging app. This cross platform responsive android app is an amazing platform of exploration where you can send text messages from Windows or Mac devices to your android phones. If you are a full-time job person who has to sit on the computer for long hours, this app will make you productive.

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Its features include attending and recording phone calls from your desktop or Laptop, exporting SMS to your phone, scheduling text messages and much more. It is a decent text messenger with a limited customization offer but it stands out to be one of the best android messaging apps in terms of performance.

My SMS Features

  • SMS Backup and Restore
  • Sync all the messages
  • Compatible with any platform
  • SMS scheduling
  • Connect with cloud services
  • Export SMS
  • Multi-Media Service
  • Send the message from anywhere
  • Advanced features

Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro Best Texting App

The unlimited options and the breath taking design, makes the GO SMS PRO, one of the most celebrated free messaging apps and the best android messaging apps.

The Go Dev Team is for its extraordinary involvement to the Play store by developing this and keyboards and launchers applications. While this being a freeware app, free amazing options can be unlocked with the upgrade to the pro version with unrestricted benefits.

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The new version GO SMS PRO 7 is nearing the launch and it is bringing with it new fabulous features like sticky conversation, Go chat, delay to send, avatar pop-up, private box, pop up and another countless features. It is also compatible WITH DUAL SIM Android smartphones and while the users are up to 6000+ with each passing launch, they are still tuning the amplified extent.

Go SMS Pro Themes

  • More themes
  • Private box
  • Sticky conversations
  • Pop up new messages
  • Dual SIM matching
  • SMS blocker
  • GO chat
  • Quick reply
  • Delay to send
  • Block unwanted numbers
  • Folded stranger messages
  • Backup and restore messages
  • Avatar popup
  • Unlimited cloud storage

Hello SMS

hello-sms Best Texting App

With the simple yet tabbed style intuitive user interface, Hello SMS has been the most addictive text messaging apps for android. If your contacts match, you can import all your Facebook, Gmail and other instant messenger conversations to offline.

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Sending MMS is a fingertip feature in Hello SMS. Either you capture a picture using the camera or select from the gallery itself, it is a one step process. The notification bar works as per your choice, you can read or mark it unread or even reply from it. Isn’t it simply amazing? Yes, indeed! Hello SMS is the best android messaging apps.

Sliding SMS

Sliding SMS App Best Texting App

If you are a regular user of Google Hangout, this app Sliding SMS is the one for you. It is one of the free messaging apps with which you can reply to the texts from the pop-up itself. You are allowed to mark read or unread to any text you want, change the icons in the notification bars and also find another such customization options. It is one of those texts messaging app for android with which you can modify the way you receive text message.

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Though it is very simple to use, it may not be considered as one of the best texting apps for Android as this app will be discontinued after some updates because of an internal glitch. Even though, this app is recommended worth a try.


QKSMS Best Texting App

OKSMS is sweet text messaging apps for android. Even though it has limited access to customization, but its user interface has an eye catching design with bright colors and fluid usage is powerful enough to handle everyday text messaging tasks. It is an attractive app to install and as both free and premium versions available, all you need to pay is 1.99 dollars to get access to dozens of themes and unlimited advanced features. QK SMS is the open source text messaging app for android.

QKSMS Features

  • Material Design
  • Themes
  • Night Mode
  • Customization
  • QK Reply
  • Group Messaging
  • MMS
  • Delayed Messaging
  • Android Wear
  • Search
  • Security
  • Completely free
  • Anything else you want

Secure Text

Do you get annoying with people peeping into your phone while you are texting? Are you concerned about the privacy of your messages? Then, don’t worry. You have arrived at the right destination. Secure Text is one of those text messaging apps for android which provides you real privacy and hides your texting identity.

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It is the best texting apps for Android which secures your SMS conversations and password protects your text messages. With this dedicated privacy messenger, your personal files will never be leaked. If you are aware of Ghostery Android web browser which gives you freedom along with privacy then you be rest assured as this app is similar to it. Feel secured by using this best android messaging app.

Evolve SMS

EvolveSMS Best Texting App

One of the best texting apps for Android, Evolve SMS is the clutter-free free messaging app. This user interface provides plenty of new features in an organized way, making it better than other text messaging app for android in the Google play store.

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Lock screen widgets, deleting SMS conversation in bulk, scheduling the SMS are some of the notable features of this app. This app slightly resembles to Google+. A complete multimedia support enables it to send and receive images, videos and GIF’s very smoothly. With this best android messaging app, you can automate your chat and also reply from the notification bar.

Evolve SMS Features

  • A beautiful and smooth interface
  • Archiving messages
  • Full multimedia support
  • PopUp
  • Password protection
  • Batch deleting messages
  • Android Wear support
  • And Much More

Wivi SMS

wivi-sms Best Texting App

This text messaging app for android is one of the old trustworthy apps for Android smartphone users. With Wivi SMS, you can not only send or receive messages but also do the same with YouTube videos over standard texts and data. Isn’t it just amazing! After all, which app allows you to do that?

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Streaming movies on YouTube can be done right away from your chat box. Doing amazing things seems like an art with this app. Indeed it is one of the best texting apps for Android.

Wivi SMS Features

  • powerful messenger and SMS client
  • A new kind of inbox
  • Enjoy YouTube videos together
  • No more boring links or tiny thumbnails
  • Search for YouTube videos, photos and more to share
  • Share content out of any other app
  • SMS with anyone
  • Free messaging
  • Share media
  • Emoji
  • No ads

Hover Chat

hover-chat Best Texting App

This app exactly explains its names. Hover Chat app allows you multiple floating windows, drag and drop options, emojis support along with encrypted messages and a collapse mode. It is one of the best texting apps for Android for complete entertainment.


now-sms Best Texting App

This is one of the best android messaging apps called the Google Now integrated messenger. With this app, one can receive an enhanced messaging experience.


8sms Best Texting App

8SMS is the best texting app for Android among those which provide all the features of the stock Android messaging app. This app provides a free trial for 14 days after which the ads are visible. But this is definitely a must try app.

8SMS Features

  • Emoji support
  • Optional dark theme
  • Quick reply pop-ups
  • Clean and no bloat
  • Most robust “out-of-the-box” mms support

Mighty Text

Mighty Text Best Texting App

Mighty Text is one of the default messengers with a lot of features but due to some limited options, it would need an alternative after some extent.

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If you feel like the messaging apps require a lot of internet data, then the above listen app are the few best texting apps for Android which come to your rescue to save your internet usage. These apps are definitely worth trying and these would definitely solve all your problems upon installation. Anything that you want to do in the texting premises is possible with these best text messaging apps for android. Share these apps with the people you know and enjoy the privileges to the fullest.

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