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20 Scary Things You Didn’t Know

This world is loaded with strange and creepy stuff. It’s anything but difficult to overlook that our universe has some exceptionally strange processes and activities going on. This rundown is just the most modest part of intriguing secrets regarding scary things that I have discovered.

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Disclaimer: you’ll wish you didn’t know these scary things.


Do you own a female ferret? I thought you should know that she will die if she is horny and can’t get a mate.


Around 1 in every 10 babies born in hospitals around the world is given to the wrong parents — shocking, isn’t it?

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The Oscars given out amid the 2nd world war were made out of wood. This fact was due to the scarcity of metal at those times.


If you plan to travel to space, just make sure you don’t eat beans; they may harm you or even kill you. This is due to the gas you will probably pass in your spacesuit afterwards.


If you place a small measure of alcohol on a scorpion, it will immediately lose its mind and commit suicide — by stinging itself. Although it’s one of the scary things, it could save your life.

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Bruce Lee’s films had to be slowed down by computer because he was too fast for you to see his moves.


The rule of the thumb originated from law in old England where it was a crime to beat up your wife with any item wider than your thumb.


Around 6000 people die worldwide every single hour. – Pretty significant among these scary things.


On average, left-handed people die 9 years younger compared to their right-handed counterparts — sorry left-handlers.


Spiders don’t really bite. They just inject you with poison and when you’re dead, they will comfortably suck your contents.


Have you ever wondered why old folk’s ears and noses appear longer? This is due to the fact that ears and noses never stop growing.


When you die, your digestive enzymes start digesting your body.


Your body contains around 100 trillion cells. The shocking thing is; only a tenth of those cells are really yours — the rest are viruses, bacteria and other microbes; your mouth by the way contains 100 million bacteria but this number can go down to just 1000 if you practice high standards of oral hygiene.


When you die, the first sense you lose is sight, while hearing is the last to go and can last just around 20 seconds.


The number of earth’s tremors is about 1 million each year. Who knows how much more the earth can take before it gives in to some terrible outcome — like another continental drift!


If you bite gum while cutting onions, you won’t shed tears. — One of the scary things but pretty helpful too.

In around 100 million years, the sun will die! Thank goodness I probably won’t be around to mourn. Furthermore, with its death, most forms of life will die too.


More than 120 people commit suicide every day. Of this number, about 75% are men.


Talk of shady official capital punishments — crucifixion is still done in Sudan!


Do you smoke? Maybe you should know than on average, smokers pass on more than 10 years younger than people who don’t smoke. – one of the most scary thin as if you ask me. Smoking is so terrible that even.

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