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4 Most Common Misconceptions About Fried Food

There are quite numerous misconceptions about fried food. However, here is a deep insight into the 4 most common and health related misconceptions about fried food.

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Fried Foods are fatty


It is widely thought that fried foods are the same as unhealthy, fatty oily foods. This is a misconception and absolutely untrue. Although, it is definitely unhealthy to consume fried foods frequently, they are many different ways to prepare fried foods to make them crisp and grease free. In fact, cooking at optimum temperatures and using non-oxidizing oils such as coconut and olive oil renders fried foods risk free. When food comes into contact with hot oil, the change in temperature causes the moisture to boil and to move to surface. This movement of moisture from the food molecules to the surface actually minimizes the chances of oil absorption into the food especially when frying is done at 190 degrees Celsius.

Consumption of fried food causes heart attacks


Just like the first assumption that fried foods are fatty, the popular claim that fried foods cause heart attacks is another ill-informed misconception. It is indeed a fallible argument that has no foundation in science or in theory at all It is a notion that is tolerated widely out of ignorance. Fried foods are not fatty and when cocked properly at the labile point of each distinct food with non-oxidizing oil such as olive and coconut oil, they present no danger of a heart attack at all. Science based demographic studies have proved that heart attacks are in fact caused by the buildup of body fat around blood vessels especially in overweight and obese persons. Therefore, unless you are generally overeating or obese, they are is no way eating fried food will cause you a heart attack.

Fried food is void of Health Benefits


The public and a considerable portion of researchers argue that fried foods have no nutritional value. It is not true that fried foods are void of nutrients. However, deep fried foods, especially foods fried with oxidizing oils such as canola oil add chemical contaminants to your food and cause it to denature. This happens due to the high temperatures involved in deep frying that chemically alter the nature of food into compounds other than the naturally occurring chemical structures.

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However, moderately fried food cooked with stable, non-oxidizing oils such as olive and coconut oils does not chemically denature food in anyway. Furthermore, keeping off fried foods will not alter the dangers of processed foods and deep-fried commercial products that contain trans fats and chemical contaminants which are definite carcinogens. It has been scientifically proven that trans fats do not come from fried foods but from the process of preparing vegetable oils which are partially hydrogenated. In fact, trans fats are the actual nutrient-void source of calories that come from oxidizing oils such as vegetable oils and flax seed oils. Scientific research has identified and link trans fats to heart disease, obesity and metabolic complications.

Fried food increases cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease


Fried food does not necessarily lead to increased cholesterol levels when consumed moderately and neither does it cause heart disease. In fact, there are two types of fats and two types of cholesterol. The two types of fats are trans fats and saturated fats. The unhealthy type of fat is trans fats (artificial trans fatty acids), which comes from high processed foods and products such as vegetable oils. Therefore, fried food does not contain trans fats unless when cooked with vegetable oil. On the other hand, saturated fats are healthy and are easily metabolized by the body to produce energy-giving keystone.

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Therefore, fried food containing natural saturated fats are healthy for you and pose no danger of increased cholesterol levels or heart disease. The truth is that high cholesterol levels are caused by the consumption of trans fats not saturated fats. In addition, there are two types of cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol which are high density and low density respectively. The high density cholesterol is called HDL and is manufactured from natural healthy fats (saturated fats). This cholesterol is necessary to keep your heart and blood vessels healthy. The second type of cholesterol, LDL cholesterol which is unstable and corrosive comes from trans fats and poses a great risk of heart disease since it is in the form of free radicals in the body. You should avoid trans fats at all costs and cook your food with stable, non-oxidizing oils to avert the risks of fried food.

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