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5 Exciting Things to Know About the Apple Watch

In April 2015, Apple released their first, long awaited, wearable product since the iPod. The Apple Watch promised to be your new, faster, more easily accessible Apple product with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, intended to be used with you iPhone. Using it’s own operating system — WatchOS — the Apple Watch links with your iPhone, allowing you to perform a multitude of tasks while avoiding being that person that constantly holds their phone in their hands. We’re now 18 months in, and up to 10S3, since the Apple Watch release date. So what do you need to consider before taking the leap? Here’s 5 things you need to know about the Apple Watch.

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5 Things to Know About the Apple Watch

There’s more than one Apple Watch

The first decision you need to make is which model you want. The range of Apple Watches includes three models, which all have different price ranges. For those of you that simply need this product but can’t afford to splurge, the Apple Watch Sport is for you. Starting at $299, it’s the cheapest option without cutting corners on style — it’s available in Apple’s signature silver or space grey colors. It has an anodized aluminum case with a Ion-X glass screen, also making it the lightest Apple Watch available.

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If you’re looking for a slightly sturdier product, the mid-range watch is made with a stainless-steel casing and the touchscreen is reinforced with sapphire crystal cover — fancy and effective. The stainless-steel makes this model slightly heavier than the Sport, yet you’re also getting more protection for your hardware. As ever, style is ever at the forefront of Apple’s products and this model comes in sleek, polished chrome or space black for a starting price of $549.

Finally, the big-daddy of the Apple Watch: Apple Watch Edition. With a price range of $10,000 , this watch is a perfect blend of both beauty and modern technology. Made from 18-karat yellow or rose gold, it comes with a leather presentation box that is also it’s charging unit.

As well as which model, you’ll also want to consider which size (two are available) and which strap you’d like. You can even choose different watch faces from the Apple gallery. Style options are endless!

You Can Use Your Watch without Your Phone


It’s true, the Apple Watch is really a super cool assistant to your iPhone. However, it does have some independent capabilities. These include using Apple Pay, playing music and tracking your fitness.

The Apple Watch adds to your iPhone’s Capabilities


As well as being able to use your Apple Watch without your iPhone, you’ll also be able to do new things with your watch that your iPhone couldn’t previously do alone. The Digital Touch feature allows you to send drawings, patterns and even your heart beat to another Apple Watch wearer. Ok, so this is fairly novelty stuff but wait until your partner is mad at you and then send them your heartbeat… see how novelty that making up is!

The Apple Watch has it’s own App Store


The Apple Watch has been built to specifically work with our most used apps on our iPhones: messages, maps, music, mail and calendar to name but a few. You can even use the photo app on your Apple Watch in conjunction with your iPhone’s camera. Your favourite third party apps are also available through the watch’s own app store, which has nearly 10,000 apps.

The Apple Watch is still Limited without an iPhone


The Apple Watch is cool. That seems fairly obvious. It can also make life and technology that little bit easier — quicker responses to messages and mail and quicker use of apps without grabbing your phone. It all sounds good. One of the major downsides of the watch is that it still doesn’t have the capacity to use cellular data or GPS without a working iPhone. Sure, most of us are too dependent to let our iPhones run down to 0% battery anyway, but in those times when you’re stuck in a jam you’re Apple Watch won’t be of any extra use to you, which seems a shame considering the price tag.

So what’s the verdict on the Apple Watch? That will depend on each individual’s wants and needs. There’s no mistaking that the Apple Watch is an incredible addition to the iPhone as well as a stylish and personal accessory. However a few improvements would make it a truly useful stand-alone product.

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