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6 Tips On How To Get Fit Quickly

Are you as fit as you would like to be? Do you find it difficult to get fit and find that you never seem to have enough time to spare on your exercise routines? If so then this article should help you solve these problems and show you how to get fit fast by following the seven guidelines below.

How Fit Are You Currently?

How To Get Fit Tips

This will give you a baseline to start from and as you update this baseline as you go along you will be able to set targets and measure how you are progressing. Easy ways to get a starting point are to measure the following:-

  • Your pulse rate before and after a brisk walk of say one mile.
  • How long it takes you to walk that mile.
  • How many standard push-ups you can do without stopping.
  • How close you can get to touching your toes without bending your knees.
  • Write Down Your Personal Fitness Program.

You are 11 times more likely to follow through with something if you write it down. Note where your current fitness level is and also the level you want to get to. Next, work out how many steps you feel you will need to take to get from your current level of fitness to where you want to get to. Understand that if you currently are unfit, it will take longer to be able to run 10k than if you were reasonably fit and were currently running say 2k.

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Plan your exercises around your other commitments and take into account if you are a morning or an evening person. Exercise at about the same time every day and you will get into a routine, and your body will come to expect the exercise. Also, you need to mix up the exercises. Do different things on different days and remember you need to do resistance training as well as cardio.

Have The Correct Equipment And Gear


If you plan to go to the gym then fine but you do not need to go to a gym or buy expensive equipment. Nearly all the best exercises need little or no equipment. However get yourself a pair of good workout shoes that suit the type of exercise you are going to do and also some free weights. The weights do not need to be too heavy, but as you have planned to do some resistance training by adding weights, you will increase the effectiveness of these exercises.

Just Get Started!

Get Started

Start at a level that will get you out of puff a bit but don’t exhaust yourself. If you launch into exercise at to high a level, you will soon put yourself off. Work at a good consistent level and build up over the weeks just as you planned.

You Need To Eat Healthily.

So plan to cut out the sticky sweet stuff and replace it with fruit and nuts. Eat five times a day and plan in advance what you are going to eat. Make eating part of your schedule so you have time to make your meals and eat them without rushing.

Reward Yourself Each Time You Exercise.

Reward Yourself Each Time You Exercise.

When you finish your exercises sit down and congratulate yourself on what you have achieved and enjoyed the buzz that exercise gives you, you deserve to. The picture in your mind what it is you are trying to achieve by exercising and see yourself that bit closer to your goal.

Stay Motivated And Believe You Can Do It.

Stay Motivated And Believe You Can Do It.

If you hate exercising on your own, find a local team or organization to join. Once you are involved, you will find it easy to keep going as you will not want to let your team mates down.

Skip meals at your peril! This is one of the critical mistakes many people who try to lose weight make. You need at least three regular meals a day, if you are training seriously, top athletes will split this into six small meals throughout the day. This keeps hunger at bay longer and keeps your metabolism charging at full throttle. Skipping meals cause your metabolism to slow, you burn less fat, and food that you do eat is stored as fat, as your body goes into survival mode in case, it’s not fed again for another day. You MUST eat consistently and regularly.

Eat all the fresh vegetables you can get your hands on. If you’ve got a choice and the cash, always go for fresh vegetables over canned or cooked, raw and fresh are better. When you cook them up, you lose lots of the vitamins and goodness in the process. If you’re boiling them, save the water and use as gravy or stock to make the most of the goodness that’s in the water. Canned vegetables are processed which they means too lose a lot of their goodness. If you can’t get fresh, get frozen; the freezing process locks in the nutrients providing they’ve been frozen quickly after harvesting.

So right there are six common sense tips to help you burn fat faster. Burning fat and losing weight doesn’t need to be difficult, you just need to be consistent with everything you do – eat the right foods and exercise regularly. And if you need help, don’t be afraid to seek the advice of the experts, to get a healthy eating plan or an exercise program tailored to your body.

Getting fit takes planning, dedication, and motivation, however, you will be amazed how much fitter you will be in only one month if you get yourself a plan and stick to it. If you follow the tips above on how to get fit fast, you will get noticeably fitter, and it is a self-fulfilling thing because the fitter you get the fitter you will want to become.

It does not matter what you did last year, last month, yesterday – what is important is what you are going to do starting today. You can change!

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