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7 Movie Editing Software You Need To Know About

Every now and then you might want to make a video for a school or office project, maybe a family gathering but you can’t afford a professional movie editing software? There are many free alternatives that you should consider trying out, so you can pick the one that best suits your purposes!

7 Movie Editing Software

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the obvious choice if you are a Windows user and don’t want to spend any effort on finding a third party software for movie editing. It supports a bunch of different video and audio formats, stable and easy to use You can do all the essentials with it like trimming and cutting and joining videos. You have to make some compromises though. It doesn’t support features like green-screen or video stabilization.


You probably know this one if you are an Apple fan. It comes for free with Apple products, and it is a very reliable tool for video making. You cannot really go wrong with this one Its biggest drawback is that it’s limited to the Apple ecosystem.

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If you use a Linux distribution as your daily driver, then OpenShot is what you are looking for It is my favorite video editing software for Linux (I will show you some more below). OpenShot is a lightweight video editor with some extra cool features, like 3D animation integration with Blender (which I will wright about shortly in more detail). It’s not only free but also open-source, so if you’re a GNU fan, this might grab your attention. It has an intuitive user interface and stable functionality. In version 2.3 they’ve just added a trim functionality but the whole program is under intensive development so you should always look out for some cool new features!


Thing are starting to get more serious at this point. Lightworks is a professional quality, free video editing tool. It’s pro version was used to make some famous movies like The King’s Speech. Although it’s a very powerful program, it will run just fine on any middle-range PC. As you would expect from a piece of software like this, you will have to invest some time and energy into learning its usage as it has lots of functionality and not especially easy to navigate. If you’re serious about your movie making project it should be absolutely worth your time Also, I haven’t mentioned that it is cross-platform, so you are pretty much free to use it on any computer of your liking.

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Pitivi and Kdenlive

These software are also open-source and mainly for Linux distributions. Pitivi is the official video editor for Ubuntu while Kdenlive is for KDE (obviously). From these two I would especially recommend Kdenlive. Functionality wise it is somewhere between OpenShot and Lightworks. It has lots of recently added, great functionality. To mention just a few: it supports literally any video or audio format, configurable interface and formats, dozens of effects and transitions, audio and video scopes and I could go on It’s definitely worth a try and even if you are a bit adventurous and use Windows or Mac, you can try to install them on these operating systems too.


Shotcut is another cross-platform video editing solution for the pickier ones. Its rather unusual interface takes a bit longer to master than your usual editor but once you learn it you can enjoy all the benefits. You don’t just import your files and good to go but first have to select the proper editing mode and tools to fit your purposes. It has an almost professional feel to it and if you want to try out something new, this could be for you.

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My last choice, Blender, is a bit out of the picture. It is also a cross-platform tool but is not primarily a video editing software, rather an all-purpose 3D editing suit. The most famous production made solely with Blender was the Big Buck Bunny. I can only recommend this for the highly adventurous as Blender has tons of functionality and extremely hard to learn. The reason I’ve included it despite all this, is that it’s a professional tool for 3D animation and if you happen to be into that sort of thing you will have to take a look at this You won’t regret it

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