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7 Ways to Secure your Computer from Online Threats While Browsing Internet

Now a days every one uses internet which makes your computer vulnerable to online threats. But taking proper precautions can save your computer from these online threats. So here are 7 ways to secure your computer from online threats while surfing internet.

Secure your Computer from Online Threats

7 ways to secure your computer from online threats while Browsing internet

1. Enable windows automatic updates feature

Windows automatic update make your computer updated to the new programming enhancements which reduce the security threats to your computer. You have to do nothing for updating and also it will not interrupt you. It is recommended to enable this feature to keep your computer secure online.

2. Install antivirus software

Installing a good antivirus software can help you a lot to protect you from online threats. I personally recommend you to ESET smart security antivirus. Whichever antivirus software you download, you should download it from its original website or some trusted websites like CNET.

3. Activate windows firewall

In addition to antivirus software you should also use windows firewall option to get maximum security. Windows built-in firewall protects your computer from viruses and worms so activate it to keep online threats away while surfing internet.

4. Enable pop up blocker of your browser

Whichever browser you use but don’t forget to enable pop up blocker option to secure your computer from threats. Mostly legit sites don’t use pop ups and mostly pop ups contain viruses. So be sure when a pop up even open even after enabling pop up option, don’t click any of the links this pop up contain and close it immediately.

5. Clean cookies and session data after using internet

Before leaving your computer after using internet never forget to clean cookies and session data because it contains all information regarding your usernames and password. So leaving it can be a threat for your account information’s.

6. Be aware from email spam

Now a days email spam is very common. A lot of spam emails contain links, be sure you never click on them. Because by clicking you inviting someone to get into your computer. So be aware of these kind of emails to save your computer from threats.

7. Be aware from phishing and internet frauds

Phishing and internet frauds are increasing now a days. You enter your sensitive information like passwords, username or credit card information on websites which look like original ones but they are not. So before entering sensitive data you should check whether website address is the original one or not.

So these are 7 ways to secure your computer from online threats while surfing internet. For more useful stuff explore Mad Thesis.

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