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8 Sneakiest Spy Gadgets of All Time

Sometimes it can be as simple as slipping sensitive data through a CD thought to be a Lady Gaga album (ask Chelsea Manning). Sometimes the top sneakiest spy gadgets of all time ask for more flair. Here are some of coolest and kookiest that have been used throughout the years.

Spy Pens


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This truly the golden standard for secret gadgets. The first just took grainy photos at first, but now we’re talking about pens with 8GB hard drives at 720p quality. You can now go to the study hall and capture the funniest people watching one ever ready to be put on YouTube in seconds. They really become some of the most top sneakiest spy gadgets of all time when you find the motion detector ones. Then again, there’s always the exploding one from Goldeneye if plans aren’t going like they should…

Lipstick Guns


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You want to put some bang-bang between your foundation and eye shadow, you femme fatale? Well some KGB operatives during the Cold War actually had that in their makeup bag. It was a 4.5 millimeter single shot weapon in the center of what looked like red lipstick.. If that’s not a “kiss of death” you don’t know what is.

Bulgarian Umbrella


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You want another crazy but deadly device? In 1978 dissident writer George Markov was assassinated via ricin poisoning. It wasn’t in his food or drink, no — the culprit was pneumatic injection system installed in the stalk of an umbrella. One nice quick pump and prick, and he was filled with the toxin (he died three days later). So yeah, you can saw the top sneakiest spy gadget of all time can also help you on a rainy day. Just don’t be against Bulgarian interests.

Playing Cards


The US Playing Card Company teamed up with the OSS to make a sneaky little device to play solitaire with while at the local German POW camp. Between the two paper layers of each card was a hidden one revealing parts of top-secret escape routes. They were a closely guarded secret even after the war was over, so much so that to this day no one really knows how many were even made, or still exist.

Spy Shoes


Yes, we have to go the Get Smart route on this one. Pop culture will always have us thinking of a man holding a slick pair of loafers to make call back to HQ, but there is some truth to the fiction. Sometime the snazzy dress shoes of Western diplomats would get bugged during transit when ordering new ones. Those radio transmitters proved to be one of the bespoke yet sneakiest spy gadgets of its age — and people still want them! You can harken back to old Cold War times by ordering sneakers or shoes with cameras on the front.

Pigeon Camera


We’re paranoid about drones in the sky now, but now imagine if all those flying rats you see on the daily had HD-quality camera attached to them. During WWI the Germans decided it would be a good idea to strap on a miniature camera and launch them into the sky to take photos. The Soviets tried using it later, as did the CIA. The tech for one the most off-kilter spy gadgets of all-time is the base of what’s now called “critter-tech” — the combination of machines on cute little animals.

Hollow Coin


Coins were used by agents as far back as the 1930s to pass film, ciphers and many other small types of sensitive documents between spies. It was a Soviet invention where two metal piece where screwed tightly shut, so much that they were no different than the one you have in your pocket. The only way to open them was to press on either the head or tails side, depending on the coin style. Was it one of the top sneakiest spy gadget? Yes, until paperboys accidentally started opening them. Oops.

The Enigma Machine

Ah, the gadget that launched an award-worthy film. A German-developed marvel, it used all sorts of rotors, plug-boards and other electrical oddities to make gibberish that protected diplomatic and military communication during World War II. It took years of analysis from multiple nations before they cracked the top sneakiest spy gadget of WWII, and it seriously helped in the Allied victory against the Axis years later (and Benedict Cumber-batch’s Oscar chances decades later).

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