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Adobe Flash Player For Android – How To Download And Install

Adobe Flash Player for Android device will allow you direct access to flash contents from random websites. Hence, many Android users want to know, how to install Adobe Flash Player on Android device. For better, secure and faster browsing experience Android ditched Adobe Flash Player for HTML5.

Download And Install Adobe Flash Player For Android

Since version 11.1 we Adobe Flash Player hasn’t been supported on Android. Though technically you don’t need this but there are many yet wants to get back this software platform. In case you are one of them, here is a complete guide to get Adobe Flash Player for Android device.

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How to download Adobe Flash Player for Android?

Before we jump to Adobe Flash Player for Android device download, you should know some important things. As I have said there is no official support for Android download, you will not get this flash player for your Android. Hence, if you think to download Adobe Flash Player for your Chrome browser, it won’t work at all. There is no support from Chrome as well. So, don’t get fooled by APK download from the most site, which is going to ruin your time only.

Fortunately, there is a way to get done with this issue. Android may not support, but some of the best Android browsers can help you in this way. By downloading these browsers, you can feel the years back browsing experiences.

Download any of the below listed Android browsers that support Flash Player on your Android. However, this is becoming rare. So, it is better to find alternative option to trigger flash content on Android Operating System. Here is the list of some of the best and Flash Player Supported browser/app for Android. A highly recommended, if you are seeking for this.

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Apps to deal with Flash Contents for Android device:

Here are some the important tools or apps that can deal with Adobe Flash Player on Android device. So, check them out and find your best Adobe Flash Player for Android.

Dolphin Video – Flash Player:

If you want flash content on your device to generate then Dolphin Video – Flash Player is a good option for you. This player app has the ability playing Flash files from web or stream online that gives the same experience like Adobe Flash Player on Android device. Not only this, but it can play almost all format video from web stream and also from your SD drive. But this app is specially designed for those who are looking for Adobe Flash Player on their Android smartphone/tablet. So, you can download this and enjoy flash format surfing on your Android.

How to get: Dolphin Video- Flash Player app is a free app that you can easily download from Google Play.

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Dolphin Browser:
Dolphin Browser Android Device
Here is again the same developer of Dolphin Video – Flash Player, with the one of the finest browser of Android. This top rated Android browser is flash player enabled so; this can let you direct access to flash contents in your browser directly. No need to download separate Adobe Flash apk download for this browser, this actually comes with pre-supported Adobe Flash Player for Android device.
For my experience, this is choppier than any browser out there for Android translating flash contents. This browser is a definite pick for, those who are seeking to install Adobe Flash Player for Android Smartphone.

How to get: Downloading Dolphin browser for Android is not a big deal, as you can find this awesome browser on Google Play store. Fortunately, this valuable app is free to download from its store. So get it for your device right now and enjoy online flash contents experience on your Android.

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Puffin Browser:
Puffin Browser Android
Puffin is not just a browser, but it also counts as one of the fastest Android browsers. But this browser also comes with Adobe Flash Player support. Hence, enables streaming flash contents on the go in your browser. Forget about getting Adobe Flash Player for Android; it is better to come with this browser. Android might ditch Adobe Flash player support, but Puffin browser does. So, therefore, you can download this browser for your Android device and stream Flash contents with this browser on your Android smartphone.

How to get: This is one of the top rating browsers on Google Play. And yes, you can download Puffin browser on Android own app store, which is free too.


You might know Android doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player anymore. Hence, Android Chrome browser also has ditched this software; so there is no sense finding Adobe Flash Player for Android. But all you can find a better solution for it or an app that can deal with flash contents. So, here I have listed out some apps for you, with my experience it should work fine on your Android device.

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