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Breast Cancer Is The Most Common Type Of Cancer

To be classified under the category of a Most Common Type Of Cancer

One has to estimate a case report by an annual of 40,000 cases or more.Breast cancer has the highest number of estimated cases. it is also estimated that there would be an annual case of around 249,000 only in the United States itself.

This is by far the Most Common Type Of Cancer occurring to women with a total of reported 194,280 cases in 2009 annually. The majority of the breast cancer patients are women but men also tend to suffer breast cancer with an estimated case of 1,900 each year Breast cancer is a form of cancer which begins to develop from certain breast tissues.

Most Common Type Of Cancer

Signs of breast cancer may include you noticing or felling a lump in your breast. There can also be a change in the shape of your breast which may show dimpling, some clear or red fluid coming out of your nipples or a patchy red scaly skin . The symptoms for breast cancer includes various problems like you noticing pain in your bones, the lymph nodes of you may be swollen, you may feel a shortness of your breathe or you may also notice yellow skin.

There are many risk factors for the breast cancer tissue to be developed. This include you being obese, drinking too much alcohol, female sex and also lacking physical exercises. It happens in woman during times of menopause or at the early age of the menstruation cycle till their late 70’s. Genetics play a vital role in occurring breast cancer. about 5% to 10% get this cancer due to genes taken by the patients parents.

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There are about 20 or more sub types of breast cancer. Some examples of sub types of Most Common Type Of Cancer are ductal carcinomas, !ocular carcinomas,etc. Some medications used to prevent breast cancers like tamoxifen and raloxifene are given to woman with high risk of developing breast cancer.

The surgical removal of both the breast is also a preventive move advised or applied by woman with high risk of breast cancer like the famous actress Angelina Jolie who went three months of surgery due to high risk of her developing breast cancer. Those who suffer from these cancer are advised to opt for surgery, radiation therapy or other means to stop breast cancer. the reconstruction of the breast may take place during or after the surgery.

Sometimes this cancer can spread to other parts of the body where treatments are mostly aimed for the improvement for lifestyles and comfort. Outcome of the breast cancer vary from person to person depending upon the type of cancer, the period of it and also the persons age. Though people die of this cancer still there is a huge survival rate.

The survival rate too differ from developed to developing countries. Developed countries tend to have a survival rate of 80% to 90%, in countries like England and United states but the people living in developed countries are being more prone to Most Common Type Of Cancer thus ultimately developing it The survival rates of the developing countries are far more poorer than that of developed countries. 2012 was a major year for the occurrence of breast cancer with a total of 1.68 million cases reported and a total death of about 522,000, also it could be noted that women tend to suffer this disease 100 times more than men.

You should also try to prevent smoking. As we know that smoking is harmful and it kills or damages a person in large quantities. It is noted that if you have smoked in a long term you have increased your changes of being affected by breast cancer by 35% to 50%. Also you need to change a lot of your lifestyle styles and apply new ones. If you are just sitting idle or you lack physical exercise, start it from today onward as it also increase your changes of being affected by this cancer by 10%. Also you should not be sitting for a long period as it increases the mortality of this cancer so after every 30 minutes of sitting just try out a few jumping jacks or a 5 minutes walk.

It doesn’t completely neglect the risks but you would lower it significantly. The other two common types of cancer are lung cancer and prostate cancer. Lung cancer strikes the cells living inside the lungs while prostate cancer which is the most common cancer in males tend to develop under the tissues inside the prostate gland. So next time you find any signs or symptoms of breast cancer show it immediately to a doctor and follow all the prevention means i told you as we know that prevention is better than cure.

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