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How To Close Apps And Make Your iPad Faster

Hitting the Home Button on your iPad does not really close an app. It may look like it’s closed because the app goes away and all the icons on the Home Screen are visible but the app will be present in the background. Some apps will continue in the background after pressing the Home button, though this is important for apps like music and radio, other apps might only take up precious memory space and processing power of iPad.

Proper closing of apps can be of great benefits for your iPad. If your iPad seems to be slow or acts erratically, shutting down apps that are running in the background can boost the speed of the iPad and solve the problem.

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How to Properly close an App

To properly close an iPad application, go to the multitasking screen. There, you will find the recently used apps that were previously open on the iPad. The multitasking screen is great when switching between apps and also essential when closing them.

You can access the multitasking display by double-clicking on the Home button, it’s the physical button located below the iPad’s screen. Can also be used for Touch ID.

After accessing the multitasking screen, it will display the recently used apps on the iPad shown as windows across the screen. The windows have an icon along with the app’s name above it, therefore it is easy to identify each app.

So as to quit the app, just drag the miniature window, not the icon. Remember to be careful and keep your finger on the screen during the whole process. Try and grab the app by touching it in the center of the miniature window and then swipe towards the top of the screen.

To effectively close an app, double click the Home button to bring up the mwindows of apps you’ve recently opened. This displays your recently used three apps, and you can swipe from left to right to view other additional apps. To open one of them again, just tap the app window or the icon below it If you want to close the app completely, swipe the preview window of the app to the top and off the screen. Do this to some of the apps or all of them in your taskbar.

Apple has made it quite easy to forcefully close an app. Just hold down your finger on the app window you desire to close and slide your finger to the top of the display without ever lifting your finger from the iPad’s display. This will cause the app to immediately shut down. Think of it as “flicking” the window off of the iPad.

What if quitting the app does not solve the issue?

After quitting the app, try and reboot the iPad. Do not just click on the sleep/wake button on the top of the iPad as this will just send it to sleep. To reboot the iPad, long press the sleep/wake button for a few seconds until the notification to slide to power down’ appear. Follow the instructions provided and wait for the iPad’s display to go dark completely before pressing the sleep/wake button to power it on again.

If you continue experiencing problems with an app even after rebooting the iPad, try deleting/uninstalling it and then redownload it again from App Store. Do not worry about paying for it again because you don’t have to. You will, however, lose any data you might have saved in the app unless it was uploaded to the cloud'(Which is a very great idea to back up your data).

Note that closing an app is different from deleting it When you close an app, it’s still installed and functional. To erase an app from an iPad, tap hold the icon on the main home screen. You’ll see the icon wiggle and a black X appears at the top left . Tap it and a confirmation box will come up, confirming it will let you to uninstall the app.

If you are running a previous version of the iPad’s operating system, you might see a totally different screen when you double click the home button. Get directions on how to shut an app in iOS 6.x or earlier.

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