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Colon Cancer Spread to Liver Causes and its Treatments

Colon Cancer Spread to Liver Causes and its Treatments

During the early stages of aDColon Cancer’, there are surgeries for removal of the cancerous elements in the body. Colon, usually being termed as 5111Colorectal Cancer’, is the cancer which arises in the large intestine referred to as allIcolon’ as well as in the &lend of colon’ called as rectum.
There are other types of cancer which affects the dUColon’ is like Lymphoma, Carcinoid Tumors, Melanoma and Sarcomas.

There are various stages of Colon Cancer as listed below:

Stage 0 Colon Cancer:

Colon Cancer Spread to Liver

These cancers have not been grown past the inner lining of the Colon and usual surgeries can take care of their removals through Colonoscopy.

Stage 1 Colon Cancer:

Colon Cancer Spread to Liver


A stage 1 Colon Cancer is the one which has grown past in the layers of the Colon wall but spread beyond the colon wall. As a standard treatment, the patient undergoes surgery by removing the lymph nodes and sections of affected 5111Colon’ parts.

Stage 2 Colon Cancer:

Colon Cancer Spread to Liver


Now in this stage Colon Cancers have outgrown through the walls of Colon but not yet spread through the lymph nodes. A surgical removal of Colon bearing the cancer along with the lymph nodes is done but doctors do recommend for chemotherapy if there is higher risk and chances of cancer to reoccur.

Stage 3 Colon Cancer:

Colon Cancer Spread to Liver


In the Stage 3 of Colon Cancer, it has spread over the lymph nodes but other body parts are not affected yet. Surgical removal as well as Chemo is recommended by the doctors, as a part of the treatment for Stage 3 affected patients.

Stage 4 Colon Cancer Spread to Liver:

Colon Cancer Spread to Liver Stage 4


In this stage, the cancers have spread from Colon to various parts of body and tissues as well Here Colon Cancer has mostly spread across the liver but it has chances to spread to other parts as well like lungs, bones, peritoneum and distant lymph nodes. It is believed that there are limited options of treatment for Stage 4 Colon Cancer but there are patients who are treated have been benefited significantly from additional and regular treatments. There are two categories of patients who suffer from Stage 4 Colon Cancer:

  • A metastatic cancer which cannot be treated with surgeries only and cancers are spread extensively. Most of the patients who are identified cancer under this group have been detected as unresectable and widespread. The success ratio of treatment under group had been non-satisfactorily in the past but newer combinations of 5111Chemo’ along with targeted treatments like 5111Avastin’ is promising being enough with positive outcomes.
  • A localized or a Single Spot cancers and limited with body parts. When LIVER as a single organ is the affected as a site of metastasis, patients are generally benefitted from local treatments focused towards it

Prime Causes of Stage 4 Colon Cancer Spread to Liver:

Prime Causes of Stage 4 Colon Cancer Spread to Liver


Patients under Stage 4 is being recorded the highest number of deaths due to Colon Cancer spreads to liver region, while an early detection can still improve the rate of success recovery. There are higher risks involved with the patients with following attributes referred to as;

  • Age more than 60 years
  • Prone to eat Red or Processed Meats
  • Affected with inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Genetically or Hereditary inclination towards it
  • African American or Eastern European descendants

An observation backed by history and research have proved that intake of high-fat, low-fiber diet and maximum use of red meat, play a major role in developing 50Colon Cancer’ cases. It is also found that smoking and drinking alcohol increase the threat ford111Colorectal Cancer’ among the reported cases.

Diagnosis and Symptoms of Stage 4 Colon Cancer Spread to Liver:

Diagnosis and Symptoms of Stage 4 Colon Cancer Spread to Liver


In most of the reported cases of Colon Cancer, no specific symptoms have been identified as such Still there few indicators which we can be looked upon as:

  • Frequent abdominal pain and aching in the lower abdomen areas
  • Blood flow during stool pass
  • Regular Diarrhea or Constipation
  • Narrowing of stools
  • Abnormal weight loss without identified reason

Treatments prevalent under Stage 4 Colon Cancer:


Treatments Prevalent Under Stage 4 Colon Cancer Spread to Liver

There are treatments which are based on the various stages of Colon Cancer but let us put across Stage 4 Colon Cancer spread to liver cases as;

  • Ablation which is termed as Burning the Cancer
  • Direct Radiation to Liver or Chemotherapy
  • Cryotherapy termed as Freezing the cancer
  • Surgical Treatments
  • Undergoing Targeted Treatment which identifies specific molecules in cancer cells

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