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Does Facetime use data? You Should Know

In today’s world of digital technology, apps are known as the rulers. From buying things online to paying bills to connecting with other people over the Internet, Apps are the only things that expose us to all of this. When it comes to using digital devices, most of us would agree that Apple Inc. stands first for desktops (iMac) and laptops (MacBook). Apple’s Facetime is one such app that allows us to audio and video call other people using Apple. It is the easiest method to connect with anyone who uses the apple and thus makes networking very easier. If you have been using other Apps to video call and audio call before, you will definitely be wondering if Does Facetime use data? Does Facetime use minutes?

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Having an experience with this, I will show you how to check the Facetime Data Usage report. While using Facetime, it become important for me to know about that fact does Facetime use data and does Facetime use minutes, and so I soon realized that I needed to figure that out about the Facetime Data Usage. I could see how much benefit this information brought to me and so if I share with you, it would be useful for you as well.

Does Facetime Use Data Or Minutes?

Does Facetime use data

Many of my readers at Mad Thesis often ask me few questions about Facetime like Does Facetime use data? Does Facetime use minutes? How much data does Facetime use?

Well, this post will answer all your queries. Here, we have the comprehensive and crystal clear Facetime Data Usage report.

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Few of the most searched keywords nowadays would be Does Facetime use data? Does Facetime use minutes?

What Is Facetime?

Apple’s Facetime is a unified feature of all the Apple products like iMac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and many more. It has become easy to make video calls within apple devices. The usage of Facetime is completely free but Wi-Fi for Internet Connectivity is a must.

So, all those people who asked Does Facetime use data? Now know that YES, even though the least but Facetime uses data. It uses data for Video calling and conferencing.

Facetime has given a very hard-hitting competition to Skype as well.

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What are the advantages of Facetime?

According to use rating, we have listed many advantages to Facetime.

  • It is available for almost all the Apple products which have engrained Facetime camera.
  • It helps you switch your camera from back to front without rotating your device in case of iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  • It is not essential to install Facetime Client to make video calls. Isn’t it an amazing invention?
  • Facetime assimilates your contact list. So you can find all the people in your contacts that use Facetime.
  • It uses less data in comparison with Skype and other calling apps.
  • It is responsive for a firm and established streaming.
  • It makes video calls from other apple products to Mac and vice versa.
  • The Facetime cameras are HD which make possible recording Videos in Full HD ( 720p)
  • All you need is an Apple ID and a mail Id to setup Facetime.

What are the Disadvantages of Facetime?

The disadvantages of Facetime are quite less in comparison to its Advantages.

  • It lacks the chat conversation features, which are included in other apps like iMessages. We surely hope to see it soon.
  • During the streaming there are some chances of pixel dropping.
  • You might face a bit lagged behind experience when you run Facetime.

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Does Facetime Use data?

Yes, Facetime uses data for calling. Coming to the main part, let me show you how much data does Facetime use. When you have a high speed internet say 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, using Facetime is like a boon. Here, we have Average Facetime data usage reports from iPhone 6 to iPad.

Facetime Data Usage Report From iPhone to iPad

Here, you will find the Facetime data usage of 2016 using 3G. We have a Video call to iPad and video call from iPhone for 20 minutes.

Internet Speed

Around 4 Megabytes / Second

Network Connectivity

3G to 3G

Total Data Sent (Data out)

29.5 MB

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Total Data received (Data in)

30.8 MB

Sum of the Data usage

61.3 MB

Facetime Data Usage Report 2017

Per Second usage

0.051 MB

Per Minute usage

3.01 MB

Per hour

183.9 MB

Wrapping it up

The question Does Facetime use data has been answered very comprehensively in this post. Hope, what we provided here has given you an idea about the Facetime data usage. Many a times, the results may vary depending upon the Devices, Software versions and Network Speed. But, I can tell you for sure that the average usage is around 3MB/minute. When we compared the Skype data usage and Facetime data usage, then we found out that Facetime consumes much less data than Skype. This report can be considered as average information which is quite near to accurate. Hope this post really helps you and we recommend you to bookmark this page as we will keep on updating the Facetime data usage on a regular say weekly basis.

If you still have queries about the same Questions, Does Facetime use data? Does Facetime use minutes, fell free to comment below. We will help you in the best way we can.

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