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Download Torrent Files With Internet Donwload Manager (IDM)

Today I am going to explain you how to download Torrent files using IDM (Internet Download Manager) easily and fast. As we all know torrents are mostly used to download big file. Many of our games, videos, movies links, software and many more are available on Torrents Site. I’m a big fan of Torrent file like all of you.

You can download any torrent file using many torrent downloaders like uTorrent, Bit Torrent, torrent2Exe, etc. It gives more facility like resume capacity. Some time it gives a very low speed because of low seeders. If your torrent file property is less than 1 or 1GB then follow the bellow tricks. In this trick you can download torrent with IDM.

Download Torrent Files With Internet Donwload Manager (IDM)

IDM is a powerful download manager and it is the only way to download anything with high speed. Many peoples use torrents to download Games, Software, Musics, videos etc. It’s a threading method nowadays  downloading files from the internet via torrent download.
But still there are some peoples who never know what torrent is and “How To Download Torrent Files using IDM fastly. So that I thought if coming up with an article to help them out to understand what torrent is and How To Download torrent Files using IDM fastly.
If your torrent file property is getter than 1GB you must to download these file using torrent downloader. I am going to tell you 10 best torrent downloading process using IDM. Before starting learn some basic knowledge about Torrent.

What Is Torrent Download?

Basically torrent is a small piece of a file allowing computer to use with a BitTorrent Client to access files from a client computer via Peer-To-Peer file sharing.

Where Can I get Torrent File?

You can get torrent files from online itself, there are search engines to help you out, unlike others search engines Torrent search engines are specially designed to track torrent from various sources domains. www.Torrentz.eu is the post popular search engine to look for torrent file. However this domain is blocked in some countries, but still you have the chance of accessing blocked domains in your country.

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  • How To Download Files From Torrent?
    • Go to the Torrent Search engine and Search for the file that you need on Torrent search engine. Make sure you use the correct keyword.
    • Torrent Search Engine
      • *Important: Before you proceed to the next step look for the file which have more seeders.You can use the search engine to monitor it.
      • Click on the Torrent Have More Seeders.
        Select Torrent File
      • Choose a domain, from the list
        Torrent Domain List
      • Click on the “Download Torrent” (Shown in the Image).
        Download Torrent File

What Is Seeding?

Seed or Seeders are users whose have torrent file opened in their computer.The difference between you is they have already downloaded the file and they keep on sharing the file with others.Simply More seeders faster the downloading speed.

So that all about Torrent and Torrent Clients.Follow the steps below to learn “How to download Torrent files using IDM fastly.”

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Download Torrent Files With IDM (1o Best Way)

1. Zbigz

Zbigz.com is the most popular and best Online torrent downloading client. Popularity of Zbigz lies in its simplicity it only deals in caching your torrents and make it available with direct download link from ZbigZ servers. It provides free and premium account. If you use free account then you can download maximum 1 GB file and maximum download speed is 150 kb/s but if you buy premium account then you can download unlimited torrent with unlimited speed. Follow the steps:

Download Torrent Files With Zbigz

  • Download any Torrent file from any good torrent site. I suggest you  torrentz.eu
  • Now, for going to Zbigz.com.
  • Now, Click on upload blue color button.
  • Now click on it and select from your computer and upload the Torrent file that you have already downloaded from Torrent Website.
  • After then clicking on the button titled “GO”  
  • After then you will be asked to choose between being a free user and another a premium user. If you are not interested in being a premium user, choose to be a free user and wait few minutes for catching torrent completely And of course, premium users will have more options.
  • After the complete of torrent catching, if you have multiple files on your torrent file and you want to download all file then click on Zip button right side. And if you want to download a specific file then click on file in at left side of your torrent file name. Then the file list will be opened and click the blue button right side that you want.
  • After that the previous two options free and premium will be appear. Click on free if you using free account. And wait few minutes for open IDM downloading option. Then click on star downloading. And enjoy.

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2. Boxopus

Bosopus is the other best Torrent downloader with idm fastly. It provides high speed compare to Zbigz. Boxopus provides a good facility is that you can download the content directly to your dropbox account and Also you may download the torrents using IDM. Torrent size is limited to 512 MB for free user. Boxopus interface is easy, clean and 100% Free.

Download Torrent Files With BoxOpus

  • At first visit Boxopus.
  • Now create a account using your email address or sign in with Facebook.
  • Now Click on add new torrent and upload your torrent file.
  • Now wait for some time because boxopus will cache your file.
  • After complete of caching, you will get direct link of your file.
  • Click on it and download it via Internet Download Manager.

3. TorrentHandler

TorrentHandler.com is another cool service to utilize if you want direct-downloading link for your torrent files. Your downloading will be fast, secure and anonymous. It provides secured downloading as like others. One of the most beneficial thing about Torrent Handler is that it doesn’t require any preinstalled software. Torrent handler is one of the faster client used to download torrent with idm.

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Download Torrent Files With TorrentHandler

  • At first visit Torrenthandler.com and Just sign-up to the website for free.
  • Now at Add Torrent section of your account, Upload your torrent file .
  • It will take some time to cache, so wait.
  • Now Put Your email address.
  • After the complete of caching, the download link will be sent to you email id.
  • Click on it and download it via Internet Download Manager.

4. ByteBX

Sign up for free and you’ll get 2.5 GB file storage. Also you can download torrent files here only 100mb for free user. Besides, it is a great cloud storage service.

Download Torrent Files With ByteBx

  • Go to bytebx and log in.
  • After login to your account and at your dashboard, you’ll see an option “upload torrent”.
  • Just click on upload torrent and browse your .torrent file. and similar to other services, you can upload torrent files of put torrent’s Magnet URL from where ByteBX will download your torrent files which you can download later.
  • After that you will see next popup just click on download button. Click on the blue square box button and get your file downloaded.

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5. Furk.net

Furk.net lets you to download files, videos directly by adding the webpage’s URL. You can sign-up using lots of social networks using Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, etc.

Download Torrent Files With Furk

  • You can sign up with any social network. It comes with many alternatives.
  • After signing-up, move to BitTorrents Tab.
  • Here, you’ll be able to add your torrent URL or upload .torrent file.
  • Similar to TorrentHandler, Furk.net will also notify you via email when if has downloaded your torrent files.
  • After that, you’ll be able to get download torrent from IDM.

6. Filestream.me

Filestream.me  is another cool service to utilize if you want direct-downloading link for your torrent files. Your downloading will be fast, secure and anonymous.

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Download Torrent Files With FileStream

  • Sign up at Filestream.me
  • Login you account and click Download Torrent option.
  • Browse torrent file from your computer or paste torrent magnet URL
  • After that click on download icon. Copy the link to the clipboard pastes it into IDM. Your torrent will start downloading with IDM.

7. Put.IO

Put.io is another cool online service that lets you to download torrent files directly from IDM. Besides, it is a great cloud storage service too. Anyways, to download torrent files from IDM using Put.io you are required to pay a small free of $0.99. However, at this reasonable amount, you’ll not able to download unlimited files but you will also get a cloud storage of 1 TB.

Download Torrent Files With Put iO

Though the services provided by this are awesome, you can use this site for free, For now it allows only premium users to download torrents using IDM and The Bandwidth provided for Premium users it nearly equal to 1TB.

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8. PutDrive

Putdrive also other best online torrent downloader. it gives the facility to download torrent with IDM. the space for one particular account is 10 GB.

Download Torrent Files With PutDrive

  • At first visit Putdrive.com
  • Now create a account.
  • after then upload torrent and wait for some time to cache it.
  • once complete it give you a link
  • just click on it and you downloading will be start at IDM.

9. Torrent2exe

In Torrent2exe is also a best torrent downloading website. just follow the process

Download Torrent Files With Torrent2exe

  • No need to sign up. Just visit Torrent2exe.com and paste your torrent links at the provided box or upload torrent file from your computer.
  • Click start downloading and torrent file will start downloading through IDM

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10. PCloud

pCloud is also one of the leading Torrent Downloader. They are having their own app in google play. So you can manage your account anywhere. It also offers offline access. It allows upto 10GB of files.

Download Torrent Files With PCloud

  • To Sing up go to PCloud.com
  • And torrent downloading processes same as previous torrent downloading method.


That’s all. If you want to download torrent file then these process is the best way to download torrent with high speed. The above given list is the best list for download torrent file using IDM–Torrent to IDM. If you know any other site or software, please let us know with a comment.

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