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Health Benefits Of Potatoes And Some Treatments

Here are some of the most important Health Benefits of Potatoes and Some Treatments.

No doubt Potato is a well-known vegetable that is calculated between the vegetables that grow inside the world. Potato is eaten in every turn of the world and is cooked in different ways such as boiling, frying or curry; some also use it to making chips and kebab. Potato is rich in minerals, proteins, carbohydrates as well as vitamins H,C, E, H, P and D, making it the vegetable with the most types of Vitamin. Stored potatoes lose some of their nutritional value so eating fresh potatoes is the most beneficial.  Some of the health benefits of potatoes and treatments using potatoes are described below.

Health Benefits of Potatoes

Health benefits of potatoes and treatments:

  1. Body strength. Potatoes strengthen your body and helps eliminate weakness.
  2. Burnt skin. Levi gating potato or just putting a slice of potato on burned body part relieves pain. This will also help prevent boils from forming and speed up the recovery time. .
  3. Kidney and Liver stones. People with kidney stones or stones in their liver should use potatoes in excess and then drink 4 to 5 liters of water in a day. In this way the stones will get crushed and discharged from your body.
  4. Pain relief. Grilling potatoes, then peeling off and eating with salt and pepper will help you eliminating body pains.
  5. Children growth. Potato contains iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium in excess which is very helpful in child growth.
  6. Sexual health. Potato produces semen and also thickens the seminal fluid.

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Who shouldn’t use potatoes?

Aside from above mentioned potato benefits, it has some disadvantages too which are mentioned below:

  1. Digestion problem. Potato digestion takes some time, so people with weak stomach should use it lesser. Excessive use can cause abdominal distention in them.
  2. Phlegm. It produces mucus. So people dealing with phlegm shouldn’t eat a lot of potatoes.
  3. Gastric. Potatoes can also cause flatulence which is not good for people dealing with gastric problem.
  4. Heart patients. People with sugar and heart disease should be careful in eating potatoes.
  5. Arthritis. People suffering from Arthritis and bloating should not use potatoes.


  • Potato Intake. One shouldn’t eat more than 250 grams of potatoes in a day.
  • Preventing Vitamins loss. Cooking potatoes without peeling loose fewer vitamins than peeled potatoes and also act as a laxative.

So i just told you about health benefits of potatoes and some treatments with it. And in conditions where not to use potatoes. I hope this information will help you. So don’t forget to share this helpful information.


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