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Today I want to show you guys how to set up your routers security to enhance the speeds by keeping people off of it or unwanted programs as well as how to set up the security. So this is my router login I’m gonna show you guys, how I got there some X out of it first you want to go down.

Here to your Wi-Fi signal it’s gonna right click not left click so this should pop up go to open network and sharing center and from here you’re gonna going to change adapter settings your Wi-Fi. You want to right click it go to status left click go to details and you see right here. where it says ipv4 default gateway so mine is, so this is where you’re gonna want to go to and you know usually you probably wouldn’t want to show everybody this information, because then people can just jump onto your Wi-Fi but I could care less as my security changes all the time and I’m on its for mine pretty well.

So you know you guys want to try to hack me.I don’t mind anyway so this is how we’re gonna open a tab and right here at the top bar not do Google search just make sure you buy the top bar.

Oh sorry that’s most copied now 192.168.1 which is mine, yours might be 1.1 or 1.0 or 1 so hit insert or should pull up your router login page. if you can’t find the IP address the local IP address of your routers you can’t find a local address then just look on the bottom of the router should say there just check 02:03. the webpage ok so this is how it’s set up on every single eras router that I’ve ever ran into most of them are admin and then the password is usually what is the password it’s been all your password .

I’ll show you want on a pas s DNA backtrack clip P 02:35 an s SW o the password. so this is default for everybody’s like your security is just I mean blink away from being right there on the web for everybody to see it oh the only thing is people out have to actually get onto your local to your local Wi-Fi.

So you basically somebody would have to let me log in and then they can do that now I can log in and change the settings for wherever open up the wall the wim which is your wide area network port. I saw you really want to get into that let’s keep it simple today yeah but okay so here is my pre-shared keys which are gonna be like your passwords for your local Wi-Fi, like so if you get on there and you know your internet says whatever Netgear 51 or whatever it is and then you put a password in or you press the WPS button well this is the password of the key that is sharing. So this is some of the things that do I always decide disable WPS.

I want to change the name and password which I’m not gonna go do that on camera because I don’t want you to see my local area network password closed there’s just a waste of time. Okay but so now I’m done with this I’m just gonna hit up fine supply in the changes and everything. It gonna show you how to rube install. its web install the custom ROM and then put a custom kernel in it and you know it’s pretty dope I like to I like it a lot. so anyways thank you guys for watching and please like and subscribe

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