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How To Delete iCloud Account Without Password Complete Tutorial


After iOS 7.1.1 was released. Apple introduced anew security mechanism in all its devices. This involved the owner of an idevice disabling the “Find iPhone” before an “icloud” account could be removed. This process requires access to the password of that Apple ID of the device. However after the discovery of a flaw in iOS devices, this process can be bypassed very easily This is possible by using the “How to remove an iCloud account with no password” steps.

how to delete icloud account without password

On another hand, iCloud accounts are often used mostly with people who use iPhones, iPads and iPods. iCloud is the most common way of storing data for these users. There is a chance that others have more than one iCloud account if they have more than one iDevices. In the event of a user forgeting one or all of his passwords these steps of how to remove an iCloud account without the use of a password will come in handy. Once you cannot remember your password something that happens often it is necessary to get rid of the account and open a new one.

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This was a great challenge but after reading this article,’How to remove an iCloud account without entering your password’, it will be a walk-over Since there are various versions of iOS,we will feature two procedures one whereby you can remove iCloud account on iOS 7 and below and the other one for iOS 8 and 9.

Before embarking on this steps of how to remove an iCloud account with no password, it is often advisable to take note of the following:

  • Be sure to transfer your data If you remove an iCloud account the data saved with it shall be lost.
  • Have your other idevice passcode since it may come in handy after the deletion.
  • Back up your idevice before removing the account.

How To remove An iCloud Account With No Password on iOS 7 or Lower In order to delete an account, follow the following steps.

1. First you should open your settings applications and navigate to iCloud

how to delete icloud account without password

2. Click on iCloud account

3.Get rid of current password and input a new one (pick any random number)

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4.Click on “Done”

how to delete icloud account without password

5.iCloud will alert you that you have either entered an incorrect password or username

6. When you get number five above,tap on “OK” and then tap on “Cancel”. This will return you to the main page.

how to delete icloud account without password click ok

7. Tap on “Account” once again and do away withthe description. Click on “Done”

how to delete icloud account without password click done

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8. This will take you back to the first Cloud page, without requesting any password. You will find that the “Find iPhone Feature” is automatically off.

how to delete icloud account without password Find iPhone Features

9.Scroll down and click “Delete Account”. A window will pop-up asking you to confirm if you wish to remove your account and warning you that when you delete the account, all your documents and photos you stored on iCloud will be lost. Click on “Delete Again”

how to delete icloud account without password Find iPhone Features Delete Again

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10. This time you will get a new pop-up window asking whether you would like to maintain the data on iPhone or you want it deleted. Pick the choice you prefer.

Congratulations! You have successfully deleted the account with no need of inputing your password.

How To remove an iCloud Account Without using a Password on iOS 8 and iOS 9

1. Open “Settings” on your idevice and then tap on “iCloud”.

how to delete icloud account without password Open Setting

2. Navigate to the footer of that window abd click on “Sign Out”. On the alert message that will pop-up, click on “sign out”.

3. After step 2, you will see “Delete Account”, click on it

4.Click on the command “Keep on iPhone/iPad” only if you would like to keep all your browser’s bookmatks, saved pages and contacts on your device.

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5. Now, click “Delete from iPhone /iPad” only if you do not wish to keep all your data

6. Once you see a pop screen after step 5, your account has been removed from your device.

Congratulations! The account has been deleted


In conclusion one can easily bypass a security protocol and remove an iCloud account on any iOS device it is therefore advisable to use a passcode on your device. However, the ‘how to remove an iCloud account with noa password’ can also come in handy when you cannot remember your iCloud account password and would want to create a new account. To avoid loss of data during this process, consider backing up your device. These steps are nit to be used for malicious activities.

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