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How To Download Torrent Online For Free

Download Torrent Online: Every internet user wants to download torrent files. So today we are sharing 4 best websites to download torrent online. These sites allow us to download torrent directly with Internet download manager(IDM). File sizes ranging in Gigabytes are mostly pushed into torrent downloads it may be a video, audio, software, games and more. So torrent download helps to download large files but the worrying thing about torrent downloads is their speed because of poor seeds or it may be even dead which leads the download for days and another important thing is anonymity of downloads.
Download Torrent Online – Online Torrent Downloader

So before download torrent online check torrent health, healthy torrent gives you better speed. So, for downloading a healthy torrent you must to need a Torrent client. There are several solutions: Bitport.io, File stream, Torrent Handler and Furk

Download torrent online

Bitport.io – Download Torrent Online

Bitport.io is a best torrent download online platform which provides a cloud network database for users to access and view files directly. Bitport.io is a cloud network where data files can be stored and retrieved on the server without the need to download the files to the computer. Access of the files from the cloud server allows rapid access of files and makes the entire process extremely efficient and simple. With Bitport.io, torrents can be downloaded to the cloud server rather than to the computer. The speed of download is much faster and becomes a real convenience to the ones who are always short on time. Furthermore, there is absolutely no need for the user to be online when the torrent is being downloaded. The download process continues with the user being offline and it can be accessed once it has completed.

Bitportio Download Torrent Online For Free

Bitport.io offers a wide range of features for users to choose from. The downloaded torrents can be played directly on the cloud such as the videos and the music. Streaming is available in HD and the MP3 player on the server allows rapid listening of music. Bitport.io is a safe and sound platform for users as no data of any kind is stored of the user. The HTTPS protocol protects the user and there can be no identity theft or unauthorized access to the private stored cloud server data. The fast and reliable service offered by Bitport.io makes it the best alternative and ranks it on the very top among all competitors. With new features added with time, the users have a lot to choose from and can benefit in great deal with Bitport.io.

Furk – Download Torrent Online

Furk is a personal cloud storage space which offers users to store their files and private data on the cloud space provided by the server. The data can be of any form and includes the videos and pictures which can be directly streamed from the internet.
Furk Online Torrent Downloader

Furk is compatible with various platforms and allows users to download 250 GB of data on a monthly basis. The disk storage is unlimited for the users as long as the files that are being shared are from public sources.

File Stream – Download Torrent Online

File Stream is a platform offers free cloud storage space to the users in the form of media and data files. The files at the server are protected through SSL encryption and hence the data is secure at all times. Users can store and backup their private data securely over the network and then retrieve from anywhere using the internet. The storage space of the server is fast and reliable and offers good speeds for downloads and uploads.

FileStream Download Torrent Online

Videos can be streamed online from the cloud network and there is no need to download the data to the computer to access all the data that is being stored. It works as an alternate storage space that is protected from unauthorized access.

Torrent Handler – Download Torrent Online

Torrent handler is a service that allows users to download torrents through their servers at a faster speed than they would through third party torrent sites. The link is provided to the service, which downloads the file on its server and the user can retrieve the data from the cloud networks platform at a speed that is 10 times faster than the usual download speed a user gets.

TorrentHandler Online Torrent Downloader

Torrent handler offers limited solutions to the users and hence lags behind in user satisfaction when it comes to an overall package. Although the download speed that is provided is a good feature, it still has very little other things to offer and lags behind a great deal to Bitport.io which has much more to offer and also provided downloading at very high speeds to the users.


The top online torrent downloader services were mentioned above among which Bitport.io leads by a large distance and has a great user feedback and popularity. It has overtaken most of the alternate services in terms of features and quality. Bitport.io can be the front runner for downloading files and using the cloud storage in the near future as more and more people are getting inclined to the service and have benefited in one way or the other. So i hope you like this download torrent online article.

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