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How To Make Halawa Wax Hair Removal At Home Tips

Halawa Wax (also known as Arabian wax) not only removes hair but it also tones up your skin. Halawa wax provides a glow to your skin, keeps it tightened and prevents you skin from corrugation. Simple wax enlarges pores while halawa wax doesn’t. Halawa wax pulls hair from root and causes no infection because it can’t be used twice. Many beauty parlors uses wax more than once, which is the main cause of  infections due to waxing.

Halawa Wax also known as Arabian wax

Making hair removal halawa wax

The ingredients required to make this hair removal halawa wax at home are listed below.


  1. One Cup Liquid Glucose (Also used to make sweeteners and toffees, so it’s easily available in market.)
  2. Two table spoon honey
  3. One table spoon lemon juice
  4. One fourth table spoon of salt
  5. One fourth cup of water

Method to make halawa wax

Step by step method to make this wax is listed below.

Step 1: First put the water in a pan and heat it.

Step 2: Now add liquid glucose, honey, salt and lemon juice and mix it well together in the hot water.

Step 3: Take the pan off from the stove after 5 to 6 minutes. Now stir this mixture well until it becomes thick. The more you stir, the better is the wax.

Step 4: Now apply this wax in the direction of hair growth on the part of body from where you want to remove the hair.

Step 5: Now strip off the wax against the grain to remove the hair.

Note: First apply wax on the legs to see the results and to check if it doesn’t hurt.

And there you have it, home made hair removal halawa wax with zero chance of infection.

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