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How To Make My Phone Faster Simple And Easy Tips

When you buy your phone, it works at a very high speed. After some time of using it starts becoming slow. Sometimes to even starts hugging or restarting itself. It irritates very much when the phone starts to behave in this manner. This is a common problem and should never worry. If you ever find yourself in this situation you will look for ways on how to make my phone faster. You can consider the following ways to answer your question and make your phone faster again just as you bought it.

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Try to find out what might be the problem


Before doing anything else, the first thing you need to do is to identify the problem which causes the phone to be slow. Once you identify the problem, it’s going to be very easy for you to solve it and ensure your phone is faster again. To identify the problem, go to your phone performance and check system performance, network traffic overview for both Wi-Fi and data. RAM usage, running applications and GPU loads. After identifying the problem, the next thing you need to do is to solve the problem and have your initial speed back.

Delete unnecessary Content


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You keep wondering ‘how to make my phone faster’ but your phone is filled up with unnecessary files. You need to create space on your phone by deleting all these unwanted contents permanently. If there are apps you have installed and you, do not use them uninstall them. All the files which you no longer need and they are in your storage delete them. Also, clear cached data in some of the apps. Doing all this will create more space on your phone and improve your speed.

Disable widget that you don’t needs from your home screen


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Running widget uses part of the phone’s RAM. If there are so many widgets on your home screen, they will slow the phone’s speed. You can uninstall all widget that you don’t need or the ones which are not frequently used Disabling the widgets, it means less RAM will be at use hence increasing the phone speed. This is a solution to your question; “how to make my phone faster?”.

Disable running Animations


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Phone animations look very good. However, they might be the reason your phone is very slow. These animations to run they needs part of your RAM. This consequently lowers your phone speed. How to make my phone faster is by ensuring that all the unwanted animations are disabled. This is done by going to the phone launcher settings and disabling all these animations.

Always close down apps that are not in use


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Apps uses phone RAM to run. If there are so many apps that are running at the same time, ensure that you close the ones you are not using. Closing these apps will reduce the RAM in use and increase your phone speed. How to make my phone faster is achieved by closing down all running the apps that I do not use at a given time.

Restart your phone regularly


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Restarting your phone will close down all the running apps, clear out the caught data, stop the running tasks which are unwanted and get your phone running smoothly again. Restarting your phone stops all activities using your RAM and speeds up your phone. It’s advisable to reboot your phone at least once a day or every time your phone becomes very slow. This will bring to an end the common phrase; how to make my phone faster.

Reset your phone to Factory Settings


Lastly on how to make my phone faster’, if your phone is very slow and you have tried all the other ways without any fruits you can opt to factory reset it. This will delete all the files on the phone and remove the installed applications. It’s advisable before resetting your phone to back up your important file. This is because factory resetting your phone loses all data stored on the phone. After factory resetting, your phone gains back its initial speed. This is my last option on how to make my phone faster since data is lost every time a phone is reset to its initial settings.

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After, learning how to make my phone faster, I have the chance to enjoy high-speed services from my phone. There is no need of getting frustrated by a phone which has turned to be very slow all of a sudden. How to make my phone faster, is very simple and anyone can perform the operations.

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