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How to Make My Phone Faster?

A common problem amongst most is the speed at which our phones functions and it do inconvenient most of us in our daily lives. With the development of more and more apps, notifications and options, our phones start to not work as fast with longer response times. For those of you who rely on your phone for everyday tasks, then this can turn into a big problem these days. Fortunately, there are easy, simple and quick ways to fix this problem so Ion as you know them. Below are some specific ways to make your phone instantly run faster with less drag.

1) Turn Off Background Refresh 

Did you know that most of your apps automatically refresh at various intervals without you even knowing? A common problem that will decrease the fastness of your phone and drain your battery is having the settings allow certain apps to automatically refresh even when not in use. Obviously, most of us want to be notified when we receive a new email but do not particularly care when something new is added on less important apps. Make sure to update your settings for such apps allowing them only to refresh when in use.

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2) Spring Cleaning 

Just like we are always tempted to impulsively buy something that we don’t necessarily need, the same is true of apps. How many times have you downloaded an app because it seemed cool and then never used it? I know that I am personally guilty of this. Luckily for all of us impulsive downloaders, there is a solution that will increase the fastness of the phone. Take the time to periodically go through and completely erase apps and files that you no longer use or need. Just like you need to spring, the same is true of your phone. Please note that photos need to be cleaned out often as well as old conversations on a text message.

3) Shut Down Apps After Use 

Most people do not realize that once you close an app the app is still running. Always remember to clear caches periodically on your browsing history and manually shut down apps completely so that they are not running in the background. Additionally, for iPhone users the RAM of your phone can be cleared by following these steps. First, hold down the sleep/wake button on the side until you are given the option to slide to power off. Do not do this but instead, hold down your Home button located at the bottom of the phone until the screen turns black. The above will certainly clear away a lot of memory creating a faster-acting phone.

4) Turn Off Anything Automatic

This tip, which goes along with some of the discussion above, is basically to always set things to manual on your phone. Avoid giving your apps the ability to automatically update or make downloads. This also includes your phone’s ability to automatically find available networks. When this feature is set to automatic, it essentially allows your phone to constantly search for any Wi-Fi Networks which will significantly decrease the fastness of your phone. Pretty much the rule to live by is that if it can be done manually on your phone then let it.

5) Complete Updates 

Many simply ignore the alerts that an update is available for his/her phone. Even though this process can take a little while, it is so important to run these updates as they become available. These updates can fix both minor and major glitches in the operating system which can ultimately increase the overall speed and functionality of the phone. The sacrifice of giving up access to your phone briefly is worth the benefit of having a fully functioning, faster phone.

6) Restart and Repeat! 

Something that should be done occasionally is restarting your phone. This may help with eliminating some of the extra junk being held onto by your phone. Also, be sure to repeat the tricks and tips above on a regular basis. Ultimately, the more that you complete the steps above the faster your phone will run. As an extra benefit, you will also begin to notice that your phone’s battery lasts longer. With functionality, fastness and battery life increased you will notice a positive change in your phone!

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