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How to Make Your Iphone a Hotspot Simple And Easy Tips

So you want know how to make your iPhone a Hotspot right?

It will definitely be cool having your very own hotspot, and the fact that you can take with you wherever you want. If you are wondering whether it is possible, the answer is yes; your iPhone can be made into a hotspot for other devices. But why want a hotspot when you can just use the phone itself to access the internet? You already have internet access for it and you can easily use it to access the web right?

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Well, imagine that you also have your laptop, tablet or other device that needs to access the internet but you are nowhere near a Wi-Fi network that you have access to. Now knowing how to make your iPhone a Hotspot can pretty much come in handy in such a situation. So when traveling or away from the office, you can still get on with that work you need done.

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Being able to distribute the internet from your phone to your other devices will solve the problem of not having internet access for other devices, whether yours or for those who you want to share internet with Also, having to pay for only one data plan, but still have internet access for all your other devices makes a great economic argument and therefore knowing how to make your iPhone a Hotspot does have its perks.. Now it is relatively easy to create a hotspot from your iPhone, but you should know that you will be using the phone’s mobile data access, and that can have its limitations depending on your carrier, network or data plan. If you have already considered all that and you are okay with it, then here are steps on how to make your iPhone a Hotspot;

Step 1


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Navigate to Settings from the Home screen of your iPhone. If you can see Personal Hotspot then tap on it and proceed to step 3. If is inactive, it means it is either not supported by you carrier or that it needs setting up. Continue to step 2.

Step 2


Tap on cellular from Settings. Inside this option, scroll down to Set up Personal Hotspot and tap on it and follow the prompts.

Step 3



Inside Personal Hotspot, tap the switch next to Personal Hotspot to turn it on your cellular data needs to be turned on for you to turn Personal Hotspot on, so turn it on if you haven’t. Personal hotspot from your iPhone can be available over USB. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Select Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the options that will pop up after turning hotspot on to have a wireless hotspot.

Step 4


Go to Wi-Fi Password and set it to a secure one that you can easily remember, and there you have it; that is basically how to make your iPhone a Hotspot.

Step 5


Look under To Connect Using Wi-Fi to see the name of your hotspot. This is the name that will appear as a Wi-Fi hotspot in other devices after you have mastered the task on how to make your iPhone a Hotspot Choose this hotspot from the devices you want to share your internet to and enter the password you made in step 4.

Points to note when learning how to make your iPhone a Hotspot.

As mentioned above, it is relatively easy to set up your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot that can share internet to other devices. However, before you try out your new skills on how to make your iPhone a Hotspot, you will have to take note of the following;

  1. Your carrier might not support this, or might have restrictions on it that may require additional service plans to be enabled.
  2. Once you have tackled the how to make your iPhone a Hotspot part, do not assume that you now have free internet in your other devices. Using the hotspot in other devices will still count in your iPhone’s data plan.
  3. The Wi-Fi Hotspot will increase the load on your phone’s battery and drain it more quickly than normal. If you can’t have access to a power source when using the hotspot, you should consider using the hotspot only for a short period of time and turning it off when not using it

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