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How To Track A Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing Tips

With the improvement in technology life is always changing towards the better. The recent technology advancement on the increase productions of tracking devices has enable people to live peacefully without fears. It started with the car tracking devices and now we got mobile phone trackers that are reliable and the most convenient. At the beginning the tracking system was not well developed. The phone being could relay a signal to whoever is in possession. This was not good because the person might ran further or even drop it down for his or her own safety. After some thorough advancement on how to track a cell phone location without them knowing the following was achieved.

how to track a cell phone location without them knowing

This is a simple tool in on tracking your phone without people knowing. Here it is not necessary that you install an application to enable you to track your gadget. You need only to connect your device with Google account. After that you turn on and connect to internet. When your phone is lost you will go to Android Device Manager (ADM). You will be required to lock into your Google account. The Google will automatically relocate your phone without the user at the moment knowing.

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2. Use android remote control device.

This method on how to track your cell phone without them knowing requires you device to be having an android of 3.0, connected to a Google account and be able to access internet. This method of tracking is a bit complicated because it needs installation of the Android Lost’ app on your phone. This APP only requires that you are connected to Google account. For the thief not to know what is going on you need to create your own password when you are still in possession of the phone.

3. Use of Android Lost 2.0-2.3 tracking device.

Like the other tracking devices your mobile phone should be able to connect to internet and Google. It is an alternative of those who own phone that have an android below 3.0. It is also called plan B. The App is installed directly from the play store. This tracking will send the location of your phone to your email. This is after you have sent the word locate’ to your phone. It will keep on sending the location after every ten minutes.

4. Use of timeline track system.

Here like the other tracking device that are use on how to track a cell phone without them knowing, this tracking also requires the connection of Google, internet and location reporting history systems. Timeline or Google maps tracks a lost phone by creating data on the location of the phone in every 5-10 minutes. These locations can also suit your traveling as it provides the routes.

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5. Use of Samsung finder.

All tracking devices need your device or phone to be able to access to internet. Samsung finder is not left behind it also uses internet to track your device. Another factor in this tracker is that your device must be connected to Samsung account with an active find my mobile’. This ‘Find my mobile’ device is among the best on how to track a cell phone without them knowing. For it to work you must have someone number registered in the ram of the phone. Immediately a new number is put in the phone the message will be relayed to that number with the details of the stranger using the phone.

6. Use of Dropbox in tracking your phone.

This is your best tracker as far as tracking of your gadgets are concerned. You are required to be connected to internet, activate camera upload in your Dropbox App and your photographs must be there in your lost device. This tracker works in sense that when the thief takes photos they are automatically uploaded on your Dropbox the camera uploads’ folder. In case he or she takes a visible a photo you will be in a position to recognize the thief.
A tracking device that works on how to track a cell phone without them knowing is the best. You don’t have to worry losing your device just get one of these many devices and you will live a life free of fears. These trackers suits all kind of phone hence be conversant with each to allow you pick the right tracker.

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