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How To Update Android Phone Tutorial

Before we tell you about how to update android phone you should know why to update it. As you know that android platform for mobiles is created by Open Handset Alliance which is created with collaboration of Google and other mobile and technology companies such as Samsung, Motorola and many others. It is open source platform and that’s why you will find a lot of android applications. This is a fact that nothing is perfect in this world so companies behind this platform is working constantly to make better the best. So this platform is updating constantly and new versions comes often. When a new version of android comes its better to update your phone because it fixes a lot of bugs and make your phone more efficient and fast. That is why update your android phone, its easy and will not take much time. So here are few simple methods to update your android phone.

update android phone tips

Automatic updating of android phone

Every model of android phone have their own update like Samsung Galaxy S3 have its own update and Samsung Galaxy S4 have its own. So you can only update when its available for your handset model. Android phone automatically checks for new updates and if it is found, it ask you for confirmation to install and just clicking a button you can update android phone. After that by going in device information you can check whether you are updated to latest version or not.

Manually update android phone

If your cell phone don’t show automatic update notification then you can manually check whether it is available or not. And also you can update yourself. Here are instructions for that.


1. Go to ‘menu’ of your phone.update android phone

2. Now look for ‘settings’ of your mobile.

3. In settings you will find ‘About Device’ option. Click on it.

4. Now search for ‘system update’ or ‘software update’ and click on it. If it found any update for your handset it will automatically download and install it on your phone. Otherwise it will say your system is already updated or you are using latest version.

5. WOW! You have updated your android phone.

Update easily by installing an android application

An application available QuickShortcutMaker which make it easy for you to update android phone. It’s easy to install it and simplifies update process.


1. Go to Android Market and search for ‘QuickShortcutMaker’ and install it on your phone.

2. Now open this application and go in ‘activities’.

3. Search here for ‘settings’ and on clicking it a drop down menu is shown. By scrolling down you will find settings for software update. Click on it.

4. After clicking it shows a window in which it asks you about ‘shortcut name’. You can give it any name. I named it update.

5. Hey! you have done it. Now it is on your home screen and just clicking on it you are directed to update section.

You have just learn how and why to update android phone. I hope it solves yours problem. For more tips and tricks explore Mad Thesis.

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