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How To Use WhatsApp On The Web Browser Tutorial

WhatsApp On The Web Browser: Whatsapp the world most popular and best messaging Platform which can be used on Android, iOS, Symbian,Windows Phone. WhatsApp is among those apps which need no introduction to any user. WhatsApp is one of the best applications to chat with our friends. WhatsAp become very popular these days because it offers many features like sending SMS, and we can share our real time location with our friends, we can send and receive videos from our buddies.

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WhatsApp is the number one messaging app which was last month bought by the Facebook for 19 million dollars Inc because of the fact that it got user base which is just double than the number of user base of Facebook. If you own Android device you can easily download if free from Google Play Store.

WhatsApp On The Web Browser

On an average around 1 Billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every day. But what if all of your friends are on whatsapp and you don’t own a smartphone can’t use whatsapp. But now you can use whatsaap without buying an expensive smartphone. The thing you need to use whatsapp is just a Computer/Laptop and an Internet Connection.

So this articles how to use whatsapp on pc. It’s an extra feature which enables to use WhatsApp on the web browser in pc.

How To Use WhatsApp on the web browser?
What Are The Changes Made By WhatsApp So Far?

As you all know in order to run WhatsApp or any other android based apps an emulator should be installed. But some users don’t want it to be done as emulators normally slowdowns the computer speed. So that WhatsApp came with and awesome idea which they introduce WhatsApp on the web. The sad news is that WhatsApp web only be available on Chrome browser. The information in the WhatsApp official website they will make available for all other browsers very soon.

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Features Whatsapp for PC
  • You have to add contacts manually in WhatsApp on PC. But you have to do it once only and then enjoy using whatsapp on PC.
  • It’s a free messaging app (free for one year and then $0.99 per year). You can use it to send unlimited free messages to any of your friend using WhatsApp on the web any compatible device. You don’t need to pay for any of its features.
  • You will be able to share any number of pictures, videos, voice notes and also your current location with any of your friend.
  • By using whatsapp you can send voice messages.
  • Whatsapp don’t sell any ads which make it more users friendly.
  • You can share your chat conversation with others via Email.
  • Similar to Facebook you can create any number of groups in whatsapp and have a group chat with all the members of group at once.
  • There is one disadvantage in whatsapp for PC/laptop that you cannot import your contact list from mobile to PC.

*In order to access this feature your PC should be installed Google Chrome

Steps To Follow

WhatsApp On The Web Browser

  • There will be a QR code that automatically generated.
  • Open WhatsApp in your phone.then got to “WhatsApp Web”.As shown in the image.

WhatsApp Web

*If this option is not available.Update your WhatsApp to the latest version.

  • The latest version comes with an inbuilt QR code scanner.Once WhatsApp Web is selected, QR code scanner will open up.

Scan The QR Code In Your Mobile

  • Scan the code in the browser.
  • You are done…! Now you can see the WhatsApp web interface in the browser.

What is WhatsApp Web?
Features of WhatsApp Web
  • The browser mirrors the message and the conversation means that the messages are still alive in your device.
  • The web version of WhatsApp supports desktop notifications, whenever you receive a message you will be notified
What Are The Issues with WhatsApp Web?
  • Only available for Google Chrome
  • Cannot Sent media from the web version
  • As it fetch data from the device, it takes a little time to deliver a message

This article mainly focuses on WhatsApp web option where users can use WhatsApp in browser its self. Above we have explained clearly How to setup WhatsApp in browser. Still if you find any difficulties in setting up WhatsApp web please feel free to contact us.and keep on sharing with your friends and family. Enjoy WhatsApping..!

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