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How To View Private Facebook Pictures Tutorial

So guys, we are here with new Facebook trick how to view private Facebook pictures. If you met someone on Facebook and want to see their photos but you have discovered that they are private. Perhaps there there are other ways to view their profile photo and the rest of their album? Yes there is! Now a day, privacy is one of top issue on facebook. We were receiving many mails from our readers regarding how to view private Facebook photos.

facebookacebook is one of best social networking site now a day. It is most popular social networking site.

how to view private facebook

It does not matter whether any guy is a child or adolescent or even a old guy, everyone use social networking sites to connect with their friends and relatives. You can share your feelings easily with this platform. Due to number of increasing scams in online world, most of guys are keeping their profile pictures private so that no one can see them.

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But, We have discovered one loophole to see that private facebookacebook pictures. Using that method is totally free and easy to use. So, this method is simply a bootloop which may or may not be fixed in future. But for now, we can use this trick to see facebookacebook private pictures. This facebookacebook trick is very easy to apply,so let’s discuss requirements first.

Requirements for this trick:

  1. Working internet connection.
  2. Web browser.
  3. A little brain with working eyes.

How to view Private Facebook Pictures:

So, just follow below steps to see private facebookacebook Pictures.

  1. First of all, visit profile of the guy of which you want to see private profile picture.
  2. Copy profile link from address bar of the profile. Facebook profile address looks like:
  3. Now, Open Find my Facebook ID.
  4. Paste URL of Facebook profile in the box. (See below screenshot for reference).view-private-facebook-photo
  5. Once you have pasted Facebook profile address, Click on Look Up.get-secret-profile-picture
    1. After clicking on LookUp button, you can find a number which is profile ID of that guy.


Real trick begins now:

  • Now, paste this URL in the Notepad or anywhere else.

  • Now, replace PROFILE_ID_HERE in above link with Profile ID which you have got in first step. For example, check out my profile photo from this URL.

  • New URL is ready to use now. Just paste that URL in Address bar and Hit Enter button.

You have successfully seen private profile picture of your Facebook friend. Now, let’s discuss some troubleshoots as well.


If you are getting error that

{ “error”: { “message”: “(#803) Some of the aliases you requested do not exist: YOUR_NUMERICAL_ID”, “type”: “OAuthException”, “code”: 803, “fbtrace_id”: “CEJ0DwCXZ3U” } }

then, make sure you have added correct Profile ID.


So, we have shared easiest possible way how to view private Facebook photos. This method is shared for education purposes only. I hope you will not use this method for illegal purposes.

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