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How To Increase Speed Of Android Devices Tips

In this article we discuss about how to increase speed of android devices to make them run faster. As you know that now a days android phones are very popular and many mobile users own it. It runs smoothly when they are new but after some time it starts slowing down. And the android users ask the question that how can they speed up their android phones and achieve the performance like before? But don’t worry this question is answerable and you have to just follow these tips to make your android tablet or phone run faster.

Increase Speed of Android Devices

How to increase speed of android devices to make them run faster

1. Update your phone to latest android version

When a new update releases there are always new improvements in it that enhances the performance of your android phone or tablet. So whenever a new update comes, you should update your android device to increase the speed of it. If you don’t know how to update your android device then you should read this article.

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 2. Only install enough Apps that your phone can handle`

Every android device have a processor and RAM. More your android phone or tablet is expensive, higher are these specs. So just install enough applications so your android processor and RAM can handle these and will not make your phone slow. So for this delete all that applications which you don’t use and disable the apps that you occasionally use. Disabling apps won’t delete them but stop them to run processes and you can enable them again when you have to use them. So less the processes are running on your android phone more is the speed.

3. Use less widgets and stay away from live wallpapers

Only install those widgets that are really important for you. Installing widgets like weather update for the purpose of making your screen look beautiful is not wise. Because these consume CPU processes and memory and degrade your android performance. Same is the case with live wallpapers, so its better to remove them to increase the speed of android devices.

4. Use some apps to increase android phone speed

Installing apps like Android Booster can increase your android device speed. This app optimize your phone by many ways like closing unwanted tasks, deleting applications that are not required and clearing memory. Greenify is also good app in this regard but it works for rooted android devices and make them run more faster. It also have a non-rooted version but i personally think that its not good as rooted version but you can still give it a try.

5. Reset your android devices

Resetting your android phone or tablet is the last option you should try if all of above don’t increase speed of your device. Because resetting your android phone make it run like a new one because it deletes all of your apps and data. But when you try to reset first backup your important data like contacts, text messages or emails. And after resetting only install those apps and widgets that you really need to remain your android device keep on running faster.

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This is all about how to increase speed of android devices to make them run faster. I hope you found this helpful. For more useful stuff explore Mad Thesis.

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