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Latest Free Movie Apps For Android and iOS

There is no doubt that watching movies is one of the best entertaining stuff on this planet. Smartphones are in everyone’s hand now so it has become more convenient to watch and download movies directly on your android or iOS with free movie apps. Before the arrival of Smartphone’s, you would need to visit your local movie hall to watch movies.

But after getting Android Mobiles, it made our task easier. If you are struggling to have some fun while you are traveling or after a hectic and boring day then some movies can boost your energy back to normal. Movies are the best resource to release you from boredom. So here in this post, I’m with some collection of best free movie apps for Android Mobiles where you can spend your boring time with entertainment stuff.

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Rather going to movies, you can also watch some Television series on the various genre. For last five years, the entertaining market was shown tremendous changes on all certainty. Mostly on technology they have developed a lot! Nowadays, everyone is trying to stay tuned with their smartphones from booking tickets to watching movies.

As the availability of Android Movie apps is more, its little bit hard to find the best movie apps. And new applications are being developed frequently! So many newbies who are looking for movie apps are struggling a lot! As I mentioned above, this post is about best online movies streaming apps for Android platform.

Free Movie Apps

These apps listed below are the tops ones used by millions of users all around the world. They are easily available for download from Google Play store. So you don’t need to spend any bucks for downloading and using them!

To be frank, before writing on this topic I do try all these best movie apps personally on my Nexus 6 and sharing my experience with you guys! So without wasting any more time, let’s begin with some popular movie streaming apps for Android.

Best Free Movie Apps For Movie Streaming

Showbox App

Showbox is one the most popular movie streaming apps available for Android platform. I’ve reviewed this app many times and while I’m working on review part I need to share its back holes too! But I couldn’t find any of them.

Showbox offers many streaming options than any other movie apps. This app is used by millions of people and its one of my favorite app to watch free movies. Only thing, Showbox is not available for download on Play store but you can grab it from their official website or apk file directly to your device. Showbox app is available for all major platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. If you feel using it on your computer then Showbox App with the best available option.

Viewster App

It’s a leading free streaming movie app in Europe region. Similar to other free movie apps, it will offer you free movies, TV shows, Anime, Videos and more right on your Android mobile.

If you are an Anime addict just like me, then go with Viewster! It contains the wide range of movies on different genres. Secondly, they mainly stream Hollywood movies where you can enjoy freely just by downloading this app on your device. The best thing about Viewster, you can watch free movies on your TV or wide-screen by using Chromecast which is supported too! Give a shot and have some fun.

For Android

For iOs


If you are looking for free movies with download features, then here you got Hubi app. This app allows users to download and watch movies for free.

Hubi shares many collections of entertainment stuff and it also supports around 40 free download services. The best feature to be mentioned here is about its download option. You can download any movie streamed here with few clicks! Pretty interesting huh? Just grab this app from Play store now!

Crackle App

Next app to be lined up in our list is Crackle. It will be best alternative for Showbox movie app for watching movies and streaming TV series for free. It has a ton of movies on the different genre and they are all awesome. The reason for listing this app here is the user interface of this app. It is superb! This feature make any users to surf easily by sorting! You can download this movie app at Google Play store.

For Android

For iOs

Flipps TV App

As the name implies, it’s just like online television where movies, TV series, Musics will be hosted live here! It’s fully loaded with entertaining combo package to entertain you.

You can stream many TV episodes, Music videos, Viral Videos, Latest Movies, News, Sports Highlights and more to be listed. This app is compatible with Chromecast too! The HD quality stream gives us incredible experience on wide-screen. It’s one of my luckiest movie app for streaming music! I love it! Give a try and share your experiences with us too.

For Android

For iOs


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