A Look at the Best Android Launcher

If you want to get the most out of your Android device then you need to make sure it’s equipped with the best Android launcher possible.

One of the greatest things about having an Android device is the level of customization it offers. While other devices constrain their users to a one-size-fits-all experience, Android users are able to trick out their phone or tablet so that it’s as fun and helpful as possible. One of the top ways to customize your device is by finding and installing the best top Android launcher for your needs.

Android launchers are applications that change the way the home screen looks and functions. Some are merely cosmetic, while the best Android launcher is likely to dig deeper. Graphics, home pages, icons, and more can all be changed with one launcher download. As you can understand it’s a popular option, leading to the creation of hundreds of competing launchers. Different people prefer different options, but well be focusing on the app that is most widely regarded as the best top Android launcher, the Nova launcher.

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Nova Launcher

Best Android Launcher


Since its release from TeslaCoil Software, the Nova launcher quickly became a premier Android app. It has only gotten better over time. Nova has earned the title of best Android launcher among users through customization, usability, and optimization. We’ll go over the first two factors in greater depth, but optimization needs to be addressed first.

If you try a variety of launchers you’ll discover that in the rush to compete for the title of the best Android launcher with the hundreds of competitors most designers have tried piling on features. This seems like the way to go at first but the problem is that too many unnecessary features built into a launcher can slow it down. A bloated launcher can make your phone unnecessarily difficult to use. The best Android launcher has to be one that has sleek programming that adds functionality without slowing down operation, and Nova offers just that.


The Nova Launcher is perfect for people who pay attention to details. With this app installed there are few things about your device that you won’t be able to change. It’s the best best Android launcher because it allows you to tweak it until you get the look and feel that’s right for you.

The two main features for visual customization are the custom grid options and the folder icon choices. They allow you to completely rework the look of your device, changing entire icon sets at once or mixing and matching to create the best Android launcher experience for your needs. Icon size, spacing, margins, the list goes on. You can even go as far as changing the font color. It truly is the best top Android launcher for people who want to get their device to look just right.

It’s important To note that it takes some effort to get the Nova launcher to look just the way you want it to. With so many options to choose from you could be tweaking it every day trying to create the best Android launcher you can. That’s the beauty of Nova, but it also means that people who want instant gratification might consider another app to be the best top Android launcher. Still, even with just minor tweaks it’s possible to achieve a great look and feel in a matter of minutes.


Navigating your mobile device shouldn’t be a hassle. The creators of Nova understand this, which is why they’ve worked to help recapture the fun you had when you first picked up a smartphone. Nova is the best Android launcher because they make the little things fun. Infinite scrolling and a variety of scrolling effects make it fun and easy to do the simple things like looking for the right app at any given time.

Here it’s important to look back at optimization. Because while many launchers include tricks for browsing your device some are so poorly programmed that they’ll slow things down to a crawl. All the fancy graphics in the world aren’t worth it if scrolling through your phone looks like watching a jittery slideshow. Nova earns the title of best Android launcher because it makes browsing fun while keeping things as smooth as possible.

Basic Vs Prime

Anyone can download Nova launcher for free and see what it is capable of. However, for users who fall in love, it doesn’t have to end there. While the free version of Nova is packed with features there is a paid version that unleashes the full potential of what is probably the best Android launcher. For the low price of $4.99 Nova prime allows users to unlock a wide variety of new options while helping to support the developers that made the original launcher free to download. And don’t worry, your experience with the best Android launcher won’t be tarnished by advertisements if you go the free route. Both versions are ad-free.

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