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Magnetic Successful Nail Polish Tips

Nail Polish Tips

These Nail Polish Tips Beautify your hand more then you expect. nail polish can easily beautify your hands, and for several days. The problem: it can sometimes be difficult to ask. But with time and a little patience, you can easily get there. We are going to provide world’s best Nail Polish Tips, So you can increase beauty of your hands more.

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Before Applying Nail Polish Tips

Before putting your nail polish, prepare your nails. First, wash your hands with soap, remove all traces of your old polish with solvent and file your nails. You can polish them with a polishing several sides to make the nail bright and so remove traces of your previous varnish, but it is best to do two to three times per month maximum, to avoid brittle nails. This step can be replaced by the passage of a cotton soaked in alcohol at 70 ° on the nails. It removes any residue of moisturizer, soap and other products for the hands.

During And After Laying Your nail Polish

Now that your nails are ready, it’s time to put your nail polish! Start by laying a transparent varnish. It will be the base of your nail, because it forms a protective barrier between your nail and the pigments of the varnish. When this base is dry, you can finally start laying your nail polish. Generally, two layers are necessary. The first coat of varnish should be fine: it will dry faster and prevents the formation of air bubbles. It is preferable that the second varnish layer thus be thicker than the previous one to uniformly cover nails. When your nails are completely dry, apply a layer of clear top coat for shine and give strength to your nail polish. Tips to perfect your manicure: Finish with a massage your cuticles with oil (castor, almond, argan …). The outline nails is clearer and hydrated. Another plus: the fact to massage your cuticles stimulates nail growth.

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