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How Much Does Netflix Cost | Netflix Monthly Cost

If you love watching movies, then you might have heard about Netflix movie streaming service. Netflix is one of the most popular and widely used online movie streaming websites which allows you to watch movies and TV shows online without downloading. There are many people out there who uses Netflix to watch or stream TV shows and movies online, while there are many people who are still searching for how much is Netflix for a month. Do note that you can easily get Netflix free 30 day trial, but if you want to use it services for a longer time, then you can buy Netflix monthly subscription plans. We have also shared Netflix free accounts and passwords on this blog, which you can use to get free Netflix accounts.

Netflix is basically a paid media streaming service that allows you to watch movies and TV shows online without downloading them. This service was started back on August 29, 1997 (source: Wikipedia) and till now they have expanded their service to over 190 countries around the world. If you love streaming movies online, then you should definitely give Netflix a try, and according to recent reports of October 2016, Netflix have more than 86 million subscribers worldwide, including more than 47 million in the United States.

How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month

If you are not using Netflix right now, and thinking to use it, then you must know about the Netflix pricing and subscription plans to get most out of this service. How much does Netflix cost is being searched all over, and though we decided to dedicate a post on Mad Thesis on this topic. Below you can find features of Netflix and Netflix cost per month along with features you can enjoy in each plan. So, let’s get started.

What Is Netflix?

Netflix is basically a paid media streaming service that allows you to watch movies and TV shows from almost any kind of device. It really doesn’t matter if you are using a smart TV, computer, laptop, android phone, iOS device, PS4 or anything else, you can always use it to stream media from Netflix. If you want to download movies, then you can read our article about best movie download sites. There are different plans available on Netflix which you can subscribe according to your needs, and some of it plans allows you to stream media on more than 4 devices simultaneously. If you are looking for best movie streaming sites where you can watch TV shows too, then you should definitely start using Netflix as you can also watch latest movies on it.

  • No Advertisements: Ads are really annoying, and while watching movies they can really crush out the excitement, so at Netflix they don’t offer any ads. This is one of the best feature of Netflix and most of the people are using it, just because it doesn’t show any ads to their users.
  • Watch Anywhere: As we have told you earlier, that Netflix is movie streaming service which is available worldwide, so you can use it anywhere and it is available as an mobile app and website so you can use it on any device you want.
  • Watch Without Break: There are some TV shows which have seasons in them, Netflix allows you to watch a complete season of a TV show without any breaks.
  • Huge Database: Netflix has a huge database of movies and TV shows from which you can choose your favorite one without any issue. You can also use torrent download sites for movies.

How Much Does Netflix Cost For A Month | Netflix Cost UK

So, now you know about Netflix, and now it’s time to tell you about how much Netflix cost a month. Do note that Netflix offers two types of subscription services. First one is online media streaming service, which you can use to watch movies and TV shows online without downloading. Another one is DVD/Blu-ray (available only in the US) service by which you can take movie discs, watch movies, and then return back it to Netflix. Below we have shared an image showing Netflix subscription plans and pricing.

Netflix Cost Subscription Plans

Cost of Netflix Basic Plan

Basic Plan – $7.99 per month: If you are the one who don’t want to invest much into Netflix or want to try it out on the first, then you can start with Netflix Basic Plan which costs around $7.99 per month. It is the cheapest Netflix plan which you can buy and enjoy Netflix services. Though, this plan has some restrictions like No HD is available (Forget about Ultra HD) and you can watch movies and TV shows only in 480p video mode. Moreover, you can use this basic plan only on 1 screen at same time, that means you can only use 1 device at a time with your account to stream media online.

Netflix Cost Per Month (Premium Subscription)

Standard Plan – $9.99 per month: Most of the people who search for how much does Netflix cost, end up subscribing to this plan as it is one of most popular and quite affordable Netflix plan which allows you to watch movies and TV shows in HD. One more thing to note down here is that you can only stream in HD video mode in this plan and not in Ultra HD but it will be fine for you if you are watching movies on your’s room TV, computer or mobile. In standard plan, you can watch movies and TV shows on 2 screens at the same time.

Premium Plan – $11.99 per month: Undoubtedly, it is the best plan of Netflix which you can use to watch movies and TV shows in Ultra HD video mode. Another good thing about this plan is that you can use it to watch movies and TV shows at 4 screens at the same time with a single Netflix premium account.

How Much Netflix Cost In UK?

Membership Plan No. of Devices Video Quality Monthly Cost
Basic 1 Screen SD (Standard Definition) £5.99
Standard 2 Screens HD (High Definition) £6.99
Premium 4 Screens HD and Ultra HD (4K) £8.99

How Much Does Netflix DVD Cost Per Month

Netflix cost (streaming) and Netflix DVD plans cost are two different things and price for both plans are different too. Netflix DVDs are available only in US, so if you are from US, then you can take movie DVDs from Netflix to watch them at your home. The DVD plan priced based upon how many discs you can have at any given time. You can take DVDs of movies at any time from Netflix and there is an option to add Blu-ray, which involves an up-charge. Blu-ray DVD is not available all the time, if so, then Netflix will send you the DVD version if you are on the Blu-ray plan.

How much does Netflix cost for DVD?. There are two plans, Limited and Unlimited. The limited plan is one DVD at a time with no more than two DVDs per month. The unlimited plan is self explanatory. You can also download free movie streaming apps.

Netflix DVD plans prices starts from $4.99 per month for the limited plan and range between $7.99 and $52.99 for the unlimited plan, depending upon how many discs you want at any given time and if you choose the Blu-ray option. If you want to understand it in better way that how much Netflix cost for DVD, then you can have a look at the image below showing Netflix cost per month.

How Much Does Netflix DVD Cost

Final Words About Netflix Cost Per Month

Netflix is definitely one of the best movie streaming and TV shows streaming website available right now over the world, and if you loves watching movies, then you should use it too. You can also read about free music streaming sites to listen to free music online. Though you can enjoy Netflix services for 1 month for free, but still after a month of service you will have to pay netflix monthly cost to keep enjoying Netflix services.

You can also download showbox app for watching movies on phone. If you don’t know how much does netflix cost, then above you can get to know about it. There are many people out there who are searching for Netflix cost UK, and we have mentioned about that too. Do note that cost of Netflix differs from country to country and we will keep updating this article about Netflix cost per month as soon as they changes Netflix subscription plans.

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