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Organic Food – What You Need To Know About It

Organic food is a general term that is used to describe foods that have been produced through methods that comply with standards of organic farming. It is important to note that the standards used in the production of or organic foods vary throughout the world. However, all the features focus on promoting ecological balances, recycle of resources and conserve biodiversity.

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I am going to give you some of the interesting facts about organic foods that you probably didn’t know. Some of these facts will help you improve your farming activities if you happen to be practicing farming and it will also help you determine the right foods to consume if you really need to remain healthier that you can imagine in your entire life.


Organic food is free of chemicals like synthetic pesticides, industrial solvents,or even food additives This therefore tells you healthier it is to consume organic foods.

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The rotting rate of organic foods is very high. This means that transporting this type of food to distant markets might prove hectic and disadvantageous. Once it goes bad, it can create pollution that may negatively offset any positive environment. However, it should be noted that the effects of such occurrences are lived.


Organic food is normally more expensive than conventional foods. In some instances, it costs as much as twice the price of conventional foods. This is obviously attributed to the fact these types of foods are free from chemicals that might harm your body.


Research has shown that there is a great difference between organic and conventional foods as far as a number of nutrients contained in them is concerned. In addition, organic foods do not taste significantly taste like conventional foods.


Studies have shown that pesticide levels in children’s urine reduce significantly when they eat organic foods.


Selling a product labeled organic, but which in reality is not produced and handled according to the National organic program can lead to one being sent to jail or fined a penalty of up to $11,000.


Pesticides can be used in the production of organic foods on the condition that they do not contain synthetic components.


Research has shown that labeling foods as organic can change the perception of people about the food. This means that even if the type of food in question is not organic, so long as it is labeled organic,taste,calories and values changes.

produces organic food

Many groups have called on those who produces organic food not to make use of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the process of manipulating matter at the atomic and molecular matter.


Conventionally grown sweet corn, onions, pineapples, avocado, sweet peas, asparagus, cabbages, watermelons, and mushrooms have been found to contain the lowest pesticide content.


Research again shows that both organic milk and conventionally produced milk have the same level of contaminants, including the growth hormones. So this, therefore, tells you that if you need to protect your children from diseases caused by milk, then they should drink pasteurized milk regardless of the, method of production of the milk.


One liter of organic milk requires 80% more farming land than conventional milk to produce. It is also said that it has 20% potential of contributing to global warming.


Research has predicted that increase in demand for organic food will eventually lead to large farms being lowered in terms of production and also poorer working conditions for farmers who practice organic farming.


Organic farming does not result in satisfying yields like that of conventional farming. This will tell you why organic foods are always a rare commodity in the market. And besides, organic farming requires a lot of commitment and hard working.


Women who are in the family way should avoid foods that are produced using conventional methods. This is because research has shown that expectant mothers who are exposed to higher levels of a chemical known as organophosphate pesticide, which is used during organic farming, end up giving birth to children whose intelligence is slightly lower when compared to that of mothers who made use of organic foods only


Organic meat is advantageous because of the fact that it has reduced exposure to different types of harmful bacteria’s.

Assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit
Assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit

Most products that are grown conventionally tend to contain a lot of pesticides that are absorbed internally in the product. Search products include fruits and other types of vegetables

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