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Top 15 Best Medical Apps For Patients And Doctors

Your health is very important, but staying healthy is not always easy. It can be difficult to find a doctor that you really like or remember to take your medicine every day. Use these five applications to help take care of himself. Set reminders pill, find a doctor near you or to quickly search medical terms.

Best Best Medical Apps

The technology as medical apps will provide you with suggestion, help to clear doubts and transmit medical health data to your doctor. These medical apps can tell you about your heart rate, recommended dosage of a particular drug and your BMI with this the amount and type of exercise or food you do or do not require. There are also apps specially designed for the use of doctors.

The doctors fell that though these apps can act as a first aid kit for people but those that act to physically diagnose a patient for medication need to be cross checked.

Top 25 Best Medical Apps

Here we have collected best Medical Apps so check out these amazing apps below.


Epocrates is an amazing app for a doctor or patient. If you find a pill in your house, use Pill ID to figure out what it is and what it is used for. When it comes time to visit a doctor, search through the Provider Directory to find a physician near you.

Here you’ll find contact information and in some cases set up an appointment. Before you take anything, add it to your list of the medications you’re already taking to see if you’re going to experience any bad interactions. Look up information about any drug by searching for it by name or malady.

Android     iOS

WebMD –Android, IOS [Free]

It a general medical app guide for a common man that tries to detect symptoms, suggests a list of aids for it and gives an info on the drugs or supplements that can be used.

WebMD with the help of its video tutorial, tips and instructions provides guidance related to health and growth according to age for children and adults.

Android     iOS

Micromedex ($3)

Micromedex is another best medical app for Smartphone users. This app help you to find out the drugs and their uses. You can search the name of a specific drug to find out how it should be taken, as well as any potential side effects.

You can also search by ailment for drug recommendations that will combat your medical problem, from the standard fever to lice control. Micromedex is a simple pharmaceutical reference app with features such as proper drug dosage and medicine recommendations. Micromedex is in-depth, yet simplistic, so anyone can quickly find what they’re looking for in a pinch.

Android     iOS

GluCoMo – IOS [$0.99]

 The app GluCoMo works as an electronic diary for the diabetic that can store your data for blood sugar levels, weight, insulin intake, pulse rate, blood pressure and other information.

You can access this data in form of graph for analyses of your health situation.


AsthmaMD – IOS [Free]

 AsthmaMD is an award winning app by UCSF collaborative research network grant. As in the previous app this app too helps the asthma patient to maintain a digital record of the medical history like what makes your attack of asthma to trigger and thereupon what medications you took can be viewed as a graph.

AsthmaMD is a FREE Android and iOS asthma and COPD management application. AsthmaMD is easy and quick to use to help you with tracking and managing your Asthma and COPD. It can Track asthma triggers such as: Allergies, Pollens, Pollutants, etc. It’s been the leading app on iphone and the number 1 app recommended by doctors.

Android     iOS

Stress Check – Android [Free] , IOS[$.99]

Stress check by Azumio, a leader in biofeedback health applications has made for both Android 2.2 or later version and IOS 3.0 or higher version an app that can measure your stress level. For this you just need to hold your index finger over the LED camera flash of your phone for 2 min.

With the help of light the app can measure blood flow of your finger by taking in notice upon the color changes of skin surface and records the pattern of stress hormone through it.

Android     iOS

BabyBump – Android[Free], IOS [$3.99]

BabyBump is a great app to keep track of the stages of pregnancy by taking in your info; it keeps you informed about the development of baby at various stages of pregnancy.

BabyBump records your mood, weight, kicks, doctor appointment and the last when your newbie comes it even shares the news directly on social network.

Android     iOS


Medisafe is a wonderful app which to remember to take your medication every day. Add in the pill you need to take, which time and the dosage. The app will notify you every day at the specified time. If you are especially bad at remembering, even with the app, you can ask Medisafe to notify a parent, spouse or friend if you don’t take it.

The app is available for Apple Watch so you can see the notification and illustration of the pill then indicate whether you’ve taken it or not. This insures you won’t be miss a dose. The app is easy to use and incredibly helpful.

Android     iOS

Sprout– IOS [$3.99]

Sprout too is a pregnancy app telling you about the growth of your baby with 3D images each week. Sprout also makes you ready for the essential items required for the newborn.

Android     iOS

Pocket First Aid & CPR– Android [$ 2.99], IOS [$ 1.99]

Pocket First Aid & CPR app has a clear interface along with information regarding procedures of first aid and emergency through videos and images of high quality provided by American Heart Association.

This app gives you a data of the common severe health problems like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in all age groups, bites, choking, burns and more. For safety measures you can also create your medical profile adding emergency contact derails with information about insurance.

Android     iOS

CPR & Chocking –Android, IOS [Free]

This app developed by doctors and educators of university of Washington is a great guide by its short videos at times of emergency especially during times of CPR & choking.

Android     iOS

Airstrip CARDIOLOGY – IOS [Free]

Airstrip CARDIOLOGY by Airstrip technologies can transmit patients ECG through wireless to the phone of the doctor. It is capable to detect the cardiac health of the patient and by this helps to save the life saving time of the patient. The app provides with a very accurate and clear waveform.

You can also make a comparison between your various tests conducted. To able to use this app you need to get yourself registered first on the website of Airstrip.


Drchrono EMR –IOS [Free]

This app totally meant for doctors schedules and maintains the complete doctor’s diary. With Drchrono EMR a complete history of the patient can be tabled including prescriptions, visits, videos and images.

More to it Speeches can also be recorded and converted to text. Faxes of the patient reports too can be received by the doctor that can be further shared


Medscape – Android, IOS [Free]

Most popular app among the medical professionals and said to be an encyclopedia. Medscape app gives doctors an access to the information about drug brand database of more than 8,000 drugs with their dosage and effects, 3,400 kinds of diseases and 600 clinical procedures aided by images and videos with updates and offline referral content help.

Android     iOS

Now we are made a list another best Medical Apps For Doctors And Patients without description. But we are damn sure these also satisfy you.

Zocdoc:- Android     iOS

Omnio :- Android     iOS

UpToDate:- Android     iOS

Red Cross First Aid :- Android     iOS

MyChart :- Android     iOS

Doctor on Demand:- Android     iOS

GlassesOff:- Android     iOS

First Derm:- Android     iOS

CareZone:-Android     iOS

Medscape MedPulse:-Android     iOS


So guys these are some best Medical Apps For Doctors And Patients. These Best Medical Apps help you walked, how much calories you have burnt, heart rate etc. Though there are many more top health apps for Android and iOS phone available out there which have some different options, but if you are looking for simple, yet effective and easily manageable best Medical Apps, then you should definitely check out best Medical Apps For Doctors And Patients for Android and iOS device mentioned above.

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