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Top 3 Programs for Mac

Microsoft Office for Mac

Microsoft Office Programs for Mac

The same Office software but now for Mac with the added bonus of Office 365 for single purchase at the moment, the perfect bundle package for anyone looking to upgrade for home or business. New modern versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote in this 2016 suite resembles the old 2011 version but has had some upgrades and redesigns. For those who are new to Mac and have converted from Windows you will be pleased to know that short functions such as Ctrl-F for find are now active in the Mac version. It has the same functionality of Office but now has the streamline look of the Mac, enabling you to produce high quality work at any time and in any location compatible with your MacBook, tablet and phone. Not only this but you can now get more done by working together on projects with built in sharing tools and the ability to co-edit documents and presentations Perfect for when you are working together but are in two separate locations. A great addition to your new Mac investment and a good investment in itself to guarantee you produce your best and more professional looking work to date.

Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac

Adobe Photoshop Elements Programs for Mac

Adobe Photoshop has always been a lead in photo manipulation and produces outstanding outcomes and with a number of fine detail tools to allow you to really go pro on your restoration and editing. Although it benefits from excellent integrated and layered features it does use a separate organiser app which can slow the process down a little, but when it comes to photo editing time is really something you want to take and so this small disadvantage may in fact be of no relevance to you at all. The features include an elements organiser that can categorise your photos based on what they are such as people, places or events. You can also use facial recognition that will, automatically add the pictures to a file with others of the same people. A handy little tool! It also allows you to choose what type of editing you want to perform; quick, guided and expert which means you can start at the bottom and with this programme improve your technique without taking a course. This Photoshop program allows a non-professional to accomplish a number of exceptional work and produce a number of professional outcomes for personal use or as a business venture. The flexibility of such a product on a platform such as the Mac partners two outstanding elements of technology that brings visually appealing results every time.

Final Draft 9 for Mac

Final Draft 9 Programs for Mac

An award winning software program for all amateur, semi-professional and professional screen writers out there, Final draft 9 does all the formatting work for you leaving you more time to be creative and worry about your content. With standard features including a sophisticated Scene View allowing you to view your script and move scenes around with a simple drag and drop element you will be well on your way to the Oscars before you know it. It also benefits from Index Cards which displays a summary of your scene on the back of the scene in itself, allowing more flexibility in organising your work and building your ideas into a continuous plotline. You then have features such as Templates, Format Assistant and Text to Speech to name a few which opens a world of possibilities to you and almost provides you with your own team who do all the background work for you, analysing your writing milestones, self-formatting tools, giving you an industry standard script that you can present to any producer with pride. The new Final Draft 9 version now has a large number of new features that allows you to go into much more detail and really keep a close eye on your ideas. One of the most interesting of these new features is the Characters Navigator tool that tracks and records all of your character’s arcs whether they have speaking parts in the current scene your working on or not. So much more organised that a pile of notes and post its across your desk!

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