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Top 5 Best Apps Like Tinder – Tinder Alternatives Apps

Dating apps like Tinder are pretty popular among teenagers and youth who are single, but looking for a partner. Though Tinder is one of the most popular dating app in the world, but still there comes many times when you want to try out something new and different from Tinder. Tinder was launched back in 2012, and according to 2014 reports, more than 50 million people around the world uses it every day. There are many great success stories of Tinder available out there which you can read and get to know about people who have met on Tinder and now they are soulmates. You can also read about some mp3 music download sites.

Most of the single people out there uses Tinder to find their mate, while some uses it to get some friends of opposite sex. Whatever may be the reason, if you are looking for some best Tinder alternatives, then here we are presenting you Tinder alternatives list. There are so many alternatives to Tinder available out there and we have prepared a list of best Tinder alternatives and apps like Tinder which you can use as your regular dating apps. We are not claiming or telling that these alternatives to Tinder are better than Tinder, but we are just sharing some more dating apps which you can use along with Tinder, or as a replacement of Tinder.

Best Apps Like Tinder - Tinder Alternatives Apps

Another good thing about Tinder is that it is available for both Android and iOS (and it’s free). Recently, Tinder introduced Tinder Plus subscription, which made free version to limited features, so people have started searching for apps like Tinder and best Tinder alternatives. Do you know that you can also watch movies on Android by downloading movie apps for Android. We have prepared this list of best Tinder alternatives after using these apps like Tinder for few days. All of the below mentioned dating apps like Tinder have their unique features, so don’t compare them with Tinder.

Dating Apps Like Tinder | Tinder Alternatives List

OK Cupid

If you are looking for best Tinder alternative dating apps, then you should consider downloading OK Cupid in your smartphone device. If you are looking for a friend nearby, then you can use Quick Match feature which allows you to browse through people’s profile who are near your area, and the most amazing part is OK Cupid let’s you know each other if you both “like” each other. If you don’t “like” each other, still you can start a conversation which can’t be done in Tinder.

Though OK Cupid is free, but there is paid subscription available in it, which gives you some more advanced features. Do note that OK Cupid have one of the best dating site and it is also one of the most popular dating sites and dating apps out there. If you enjoy wasting time answering weird questions about yourself, then you are good to go with OK Cupid, where people can ask you silly questions about yourself.

You can download OK Cupid for Android and iOS.


Happn can be the perfect Tinder alternative app as it works almost same like Tinder. If you both like each other, then it will be a “crush”, and then you both can start chatting with each other. The unique thing about this free dating app is that it lets you know about the people who are, and was near your location. This app even tells you about the number of times you might have crossed paths with that person. If you want to watch movie on Netflix for free, then use netflix accounts and passwords.

Just like Superlikes feature on Tinder, Happn have Charm, which you can send to people to get noticed. But the thing to remember here is that to send “Charm” you will have to spend some credits, which you can either buy, or earn by inviting friends to the app.

You can download Happn for Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

Coffee Meets Bagel

This dating app works almost similar to Tinder, but there are some unique features in it, which makes it a perfect Tinder alternative. Coffee meets Bagel is also known as CMB, and every noon, it brings you one match “Bagel” which will not be a random person, but it will be a match for you based on your location, interests and what you like. Along with it, the Bagel it will recommend you will have some mutual friends with you too (not always).

You and your match can use movie streaming sites to watch movies online for free. Just like every other popular dating apps, Coffee Meets Bagel also have something like Superlike of Tinder, and it is known as Beans. You can earn Beans by liking Coffee Meets Bagel’s social media pages and inviting friends. You can download Coffee Meets Bagel for Android and iOS.


If you want to meet new people, then SKOUT is for you. If you are using SKOUT, then it really doesn’t matter where you are, it will be able to find a perfect match for you. SKOUT dating app was launched back in 2007, and now millions of people are using it every day to find perfect match for them. The features of SKOUT are almost similar to that of Tinder, but if you are looking for some apps like Tinder, then you can go for it.

There is a unique feature in SKOUT, which allows you to search for random people, and start chatting with them just by shaking your device. SKOUT is available for free, and you can download it for Android and iOS.

Hot or Not

As the name suggests, it is a dating app which allows you to vote for people, and just like Like and Dislike, they have Hot and Not. According to recent reports, there are more than 300 million people around the world who uses Hot or Not for making new friends, chatting and dating purposes. This app also displays you the profiles of people that are living nearby, but it won’t show your exact location. Some best torrent sites can be used for downloading torrents for free.

The layout of this app is beautiful and can be used easily. Another unique thing about Hot or Not is that this dating app displays how many profile visits you have, how popular you are in your area, and it also shows some “most liked”, “most friendly” etc kind of badges in your profile, to make it look good. You can download Hot or Not for Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

Final Words

Tinder is definitely a must have app for singles and people looking for partners, but that doesn’t mean other dating apps like Tinder are useless and people don’t use them. Each of the Tinder alternatives mentioned above have their own unique features and method of making people connect with each other. There are some good movie download sites out there to download full length movies for free.

Feel free to use dating apps like Tinder mentioned above, and let us know about your thoughts on these apps like Tinder (Tinder alternatives). Though there are many more apps like Tinder available out there, but still Tinder is pretty popular among single people and among those who are looking for dating apps. If you know about any other Tinder alternative or dating apps like Tinder, then do let us know about them via comments below.

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