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Top 6 Survival Hacks & DIY’s For Girls

Survival Hacks & DIY’s

Crayons As Candles

If your house just lost power and you do not have any flashlight or backup candles. Do not panic; a crayon can provide you with light for up to 40 minutes. Crayons are wax, so it is no surprise that this works. First, light and melt off the top part of the wax, then allow the paper to catch fire. This is one of the survival hacks that will help you get through a pitch night.

Use Keys As A Weapon

If you are walking down an alley or through a parking lot and you are feeling unsafe, it seems as if someone is following you or watching you Bring out your bunch of keys and set them in such a way that each key comes out through the gap between your fingers. If actually there is an attacker, you can quickly turn on them in a surprise move. However, ensure that you are getting assaulted before pulling this one off. If it is a robbery or your attacker has a gun, the most reasonable thing to do is to drop your purse and take on your heels. In most case, the robber will be more interested in taking your money than in chasing after you.

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Charge Your Phone With Battery And Car Charger

You can actually charge your phone with a 9-volt battery, a car charger, and house keys. This is very simple, Just place one side of the battery with one end of the car charger, also touch the other side with the other end of your key. Press the key in such a way that it touches the metallic side of the car charger. When this is done properly, the blue light on the car charger comes on So connect your phone to the charge and voila! You are on.

Bra Cup Debris Mask

If you are exposed to dust smokes, like in fire outbreak or any other disaster. We know that these fumes are extremely dangerous to health. But you girls are lucky because you are already carrying an emergency mask! Correct, your bra. This may sound weird, but your bra can be a life saver in these terrible situations, the bra actually fits your face perfectly well and also it has straps which you can use to tighten the bra onto your face thereby freeing your hands for other purposes. Of course, this is not your regular face mask so ensure that you quickly get out of the danger area.

Build A Compass With a needle, Water/Leaf, And Clothing

If you are lost in the woods and the trees all look just the same to you, you are in a great trouble. Do not panic; you can actually make your own compass to help you find your way. You are luck if you have a needle with you Look for a container and fill it up with water, and get a small leaf that can easily float on water. Magnetize the needle by rubbing it on your body or your clothing for about 100 times; this will be enough to generate static energy. Carefully place the needle on top of the leaf which is already floating on the water. The needle will float on the water, and because it is magnetised, the pointed end of the needle will turn to face north.

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Turn Dirty Water Into Clean Water

If you are lost in the wood, your primary problem will be dehydration so searching for a source of clean drinking water most often will be your top the priority. If you find a dirty water, then you do not have many options but to filter it first. You are in luck; there is an easy way you can do this You need a piece of cloth and two containers. Fill one container with the water and place it on elevation.

Place the empty container next to the one with water and connect the two containers with the piece of cloth. It might take time to get going, but it is very fast once it gets started. Your cloth will automatically absorb and filter the dirty water and transfer it into the empty container with the help of gravity. After some time, you will have a clean water in the second container. This water is not entirely bacteria free, but it will serve while you find your way out of the wood. Employ these survival hacks to help you get through emergency situations.

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