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Top 6 Ways For How To Increase Internet Speed

6 Ways For how to increase your Internet Speed

These days, one of the most important things a person would want at the end of the day would be getting a lightning speed internet connection. No matter whatever purpose it is needed for, the role of a high-speed internet cannot be overemphasized.

Ways To Increase Your Internet Speed

There are many ways by which it can be done but before that, all what is need is to check the actual speed of the internet connection you are using through a speed test to keep a track later.

To test your current internet speed before increasing it, you can visit certain sites that would do the speed test online while you are connected to your internet. Let us now look at some of the ways on how to increase internet speed.

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Step 1:

Try a different modem/router There are plenty of times when you actually have selected the wrong modem for your internet connection which might be the reason for the slow speed in your devices.

The modem that you would like to use needs to be equipped for ADSL2+ as one of the ways on how to increase internet speed.

Router Check For how to increase internet speed

You need to make sure the modem is suited with the internet plan you have been using. The best modems that you can use are of the Netgear. If that is what you are currently using but still it isn’t working quite well, you might need to check with the other problem listed that might persist.

Step 2:

Find Your router/ISP’s best settings There are times that your device is unable to pick up the right IP needed to get going with the speed of the router. Such are the times you need to manually set up your smart devices to make it work as well as set up the right IP address such that your device can work with the increased internet speed for which you have taken internet plan.

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The default IP addresses work best for the devices that are often slow according to what the plan you have taken for your internet connection is. Also, the configuration might differ when you get connected to it but then you can definitely change them whenever needed so this is one of the ways on how to increase internet speed.

Step 3:

Update your drivers and Software The router and modem installed in your home have their own software that needs to be updated regularlyUpdate Driver for increase internet speed in order to make the work smoother and on the right track. There are chances that the computer drivers also need constant updates that might otherwise be the cause for the reduced speed of the internet connection. Therefore, simply updating them is a sure way on how to increase internet speed.

There are various software you can use to ensure this process is automatically undertaken by your system. One of these is the DriverEasy that scans your system for outdated software and updates all the drivers.

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Step 4:

Try Plug In connection Another strategy that might work if you are looking at how to increase internet speed is plugging in the wires to your laptop or computers.

Wi-Fi is great but wireless connection can get slower due to the other network issues and disturbances. Therefore, you could try plugging in the wire to the devices that would allow direct connection to it.

Step 5:

Scan for issues Another thing that you could work on is to check for the viruses that might be the cause for the system to slow down and cause disturbances in your internet connection. Malware has a way of eating into the resources of your computer, thus slowing down the internet speed. In order to increase your internet speed, therefore, you can scan your system for viruses and bugs on regular basis as a preventive measure.

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Step 6:

You might want get rid of your cordless phone Sometimes the issue can be the landline or the cordless phone that you might be using. The phone connection sometimes tends to slow down or interfere with the internet and it might be with the filters as well. Due to loss of connectivity to your landline phone connection, the internet connection slows down as well. You can therefore increase your internet speed by removing the phone and replacing it with other more efficient devices.

Poor internet connection can be a menace but by following the tips highlighted above, you can do a lot to increase your internet speed. As a general rule, ensure you keep track of your internet speed so you can notice whenever there are fluctuations and arrest the problem before it escalates.

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