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Top 7 Incredible Science Experiments

Incredible Science Experiments Making Rock Candy

Making Rock Candy Incredible Science Experiments

Science is everywhere and once we can understand how things work we are more able to appreciate the awesomeness of creation since science is a continuation of what God has created. For example; making rock candy at home is a simple but unique thing to do. You only need some water, sugar, fire, string, a pencil a glass jar, time and know-how and you are able to enjoy this delicious childhood candy. Remember to have your parents help you as you will be using fire and hot scalding liquid.

The Homemade Volcano

This is every child’s dream to see the lava gushing out the top of their volcano which they have made at home for their science experiment. You will need a small empty soda bottle, a funnel, baking soda, dish washing liquid, food coloring and glitter (which is optional) but if you want your volcano to erupt with some flair and style; then you must include these two items. You will also need some vinegar and two measuring cups. This is another experiment you will enjoy doing and may even want to do over and over.

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The Miniature Hovercraft

The Miniature Hovercraft Incredible Science Experiments

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with the concept of being able to travel on water and not have the boat or water craft be in the water. The hovercraft has certainly been one of science’s greatest achievements, to date, as it relates to traveling on water. Making a miniature Hovercraft at home is pretty neat and I consider very excitingly. The items needed are very simple and you will be surprised at the outcome. You will need; Pencil, Glue, Cardboard, a balloon, a Thread Spool, and that is all. The concept is really simple and you can appreciate the science behind this experiment.

Making a Homemade Magnet

Making a Homemade Magnet Incredible Science Experiments

This is really an adventure into how things work and you will be thrilled as to what is used and done in doing this science experiment. Items needed are a large nail made of iron, some coated copper wire, paper clips, and a D size battery for power.

Making a Soda and Mentos Geyser

Incredible Science Experiments

I can understand the concept and need to experience a geyser at work, and in order to experience this natural phenomenon here is what you need to have. They are basically all household items. A 2-liter bottle of soda, a roll of Mentos candy, an empty toilet paper roll or an empty paper towel roll will work just as nicely. These are the only items you need. Isn’t It Simple?

Making Homemade Plastic

Making Homemade Plastic Incredible Science Experiments

Now this science experiment is really a lesson in what can happen with a chemical reaction. You will need some borax powder, two cups, some glue, water and a spoon. The fun is you will discover what is used on the sets of some horror films to create Glop. This is really good!

Cleaning your Silver at Home

Cleaning your Silver at Home Incredible Science Experiments

Taking care of silver utensils can be a chore and if you can find an easy and affordable way to clean them it is really helpful. This YouTube Video is the right concept for many housewives who find it difficult to keep their silver shiny and clean.

Real Simple How To: Polish Your Silver

Here is the Link for the above experiments; you may find others that may be of interest to you.

All the above experiments have incorporated what nature has provided; we have just expanded the uses.

Many persons have enjoyed the journey of discovering how to do and make lots of science experiments at home. It is the mind of the curious who want to know what reactions will occur when chemicals, liquids and solids and anything in nature is combined. Science and scientists have taken the imagination of many persons far beyond the sphere they could ever imagine. It is important to note, that some of the experiments we do at home or even some of our daily chores have to do with science and we are doing our own science experiments without even realizing it. Reactions and incidences we take for granted are mini-experiments we have done for years without even taking credit for them, as they are just everyday situations. We know what is to be done to remove a stain, oil spills on fabric, cleaning a cruddy burnt pot and making rice edible after it has been burnt. The thing is we are making science work for us and we are doing incredible scientific experiments daily and it is just the norm. Maybe we need to log some of these and make them known to others; who knows, it may help someone in a fix. For more tips feel free to explore Mad Thesis.

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