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Top Ten The Most Dangerous Animals In The World

Most wild animals are aggressive by nature and will attack at the slightest provocation. If you are out in the wild, a little information about their behaviors can save your life. It is common knowledge to keep a safe distance away from them and also avoid irritating them in any way. The most dangerous animals in the world you may encounter out there are given in the list below.

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The Black Mamba


Arguably the fastest and the most poisonous snake in the world, the black mamba can easily outrun its victim. Its venom is so lethal that it can kill within as little as 20 minutes if an antivenin isn’t sought soon. It is highly aggressive and unpredictable in nature and repeatedly bites in defense. A single bite from this snake is capable of killing ten people. The snake is mostly found in Southern and East Africa.

The Death Stalker Scorpion


Found in North Africa and the Middle East, this creature’s venom contains neurotoxins which can easily kill a child or an elderly person. The venom causes fever, convulsions, and paralysis and the lungs fill with fluids and death follows swiftly. Treatment is possible by administering antivenin. It usually hides in dark places like crevices in walls, underneath rocks and holes.

The Cape Buffalo


This buffalo found in South Africa is a cause of many deaths it doesn’t run away from danger even when wounded. In fact being wounded makes it the more aggressive and will gore its victim to death with rage. This African buffalo is so unpredictable it will even ambush and attack without provocation but mostly becomes enraged if its calf is attacked.

Box Jellyfish


This type of jellyfish is pretty poisonous. It injects venom though nematocysts found at the end of its tentacles. The venom causes severe pain. It’s almost transparent making it hard to see and the victim realizes it was there only after it has already attacked. Luckily, applying vinegar over the sting area can effectively treat it.

The Crocodile


It’s the largest reptile in the world and very powerful. Its jaws are muscular, and they use them to crush their victim. They can even swallow small animals whole after they have drowned them by pulling then into the water. Sometimes they use their muscular tails to strike their victim. Care should be taken when moving in shallow waters crocodiles are very good at camouflaging and may strike unawares.



Although small creatures, bees can be extremely dangerous if they attack as a swarm. A bee’s sting contains a venom that interferes with a person’s nervous system, and multiple stings can cause death if medical treatment is not sought immediately. However, bees rarely attack unprovoked .the African bee is certainly the most dangerous in the world. Covering yourself with a thick fabric or plastic is a very effective way to avoid being stung if attacked.

The Lion


Mostly found in the African Savannah, the lion is one of the most feared wild animals. Its fearless nature and muscular jaws are what makes it attacks animals larger than itself and more so humans. Lions move mostly as a pride and therefore hard to counter them when they attack.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider


It’s mostly found in Central America it is one of the most venomous crawling arachnids on earth It likes to move at night and likes to hide near where people are living like houses, cars, and bushes around houses. In the case of a bite from this deadly spider, immediate treatment should be given as delay can cause the victim to die.

The Cone Snail


It’s found in waters along the equator where it’s warm. You can recognize them by their brown and white shells. Their invisible teeth secrete a deadly venom that can cause paralysis and finally death in its victim within hours. Death comes as a result of the lungs filling with fluid.

The Golden Dart Frog


This frog is mainly found in South America its venom, located just underneath its skin is so it can kill even from touching it You can easily avoid it since it’s brightly colored and is only found in the jungle of the Colombian rain forest.

In case you are out there in the natural wild, it’s better to be in a group rather than alone. It’s also advisable to carry anything you can use to ward off an attacking animal. Also handy is a first aid kit in case something unfortunate happens. But most important is to avoid aggressing the animals whatsoever.

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