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Types And Symptoms Of HPV

HPV, the acronym for human papillomavirus, is a sexually transmitted disease that can infect both men and women. Any sexually active man or woman can get this disease. It will spread when people engage in oral, anal, or vaginal sex. Most people who have this disease have no, or extremely mild symptoms. Mild symptoms cannot be noticed or they can be mistaken for another skin disorder, such as ingrown hair or a pimple. Due to this, most people, having this disorder do not know if they have human papillomavirus.

How common are the symptoms of HPV?


There are hundreds of types of HPV, so the symptoms of HPV depend on the type. Some HPV types will produce warts, such as plantar warts on the patients’ feet and hand warts, which is more common in sufferers. Most types of the HPV disease can infect the patients’ genital area, such as the vagina, vulva, cervix, anus, rectum, scrotum, or penis.

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The symptoms of HPV may occur in almost all sexually active males and females, but most of them who have the disease do not know its symptoms. However, the good news is that most HPV diseases have no destructive effect at all

The common low-risk symptoms of the disease, such as genital warts, will be caused by some kinds of HPV. Some high-risk types of HPV may produce cell changes that sometimes show the way for cervical cancer and some other serious effects, such as throat and genital cancers.

Although nearly all HPV diseases will leave within 8 to 13 months, some HPV types will not HPV diseases that do not leave can remain in the body of the sufferer for years and they cannot be detected.

Other symptoms of HPV


The initial outbreak symptoms of HPV will be severe, and they will become normal within two days to fourteen days of being infected. When these symptoms occur, the sufferer may experience fever and decreased appetite. Some of the common symptoms of the disorder include:

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v Malaise, which is the general sick feeling. v Muscle pain in the lower back, thighs, buttocks, or knees v Tender or swollen lymph nodes in the groin during the outbreak. Some of the genital symptoms of HPV include small, agonizing blisters, packed with clear or straw-colored liquid. In women, these blisters may be found in the vagina, on the external vaginal lips, cervix, on their buttocks or thighs, and around their anus.. In men, blisters may be found on their penis, around their anus, on their scrotum, and on their buttocks or thighs. In both males and females, blisters may happen in the mouth, tongue, eyes, lips, gums, fingers, and other parts of their body.

Before the emergence of blisters, there may be burning, tingling, itching, or getting pain at the spot where the blisters will emerge. When they break, they leave very painful shallow ulcers and they crust over and cure within a couple of weeks.

Some of the other possible symptoms of the disorder include aching urination.


Women may encompass vaginal discharge or maybe incapable of emptying their bladder and may be requiring a urinary catheter

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During the second outbreak of HPV, the symptoms may be less severe and it may emerge after some weeks or months of the appearance of the first outbreak. These symptoms of HPV will go away quicker than the first outbreak. In due course, the number of outbreaks may reduce.

Ways to get relief from the symptoms of HPV


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People having genital HPV can ease the stress of their disease by joining as a member in herpes dating sites. Anybody with the disorder can join these sites, irrespective of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Through these websites, patients can share their experience with other patients who have familiar experiences and problems, which can make them, feel that they are not alone. All these HPV dating sites allow people to join free and they allow their members to meet people with the disorder on the message board and in the chat rooms. A genital HPV dating site also allows people to know more about their disorder and offers useful tips on preventing the disease easily and effectively.



There is no dedicated treatment to cure HPV, but sufferers can take some antiviral medicines to get the required relief from the pain and distress. However, these medicines will work better during the first outbreak than during the later outbreaks. If the outbreaks replicate, these medicines should be taken as quickly as burning, tingling, or itching starts, or as quickly as blisters emerge. People having many outbreaks may use antiviral medicines daily over a period to prevent outbreaks or curtail their length. It can also lessen the chance of spreading HPV to others.

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