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Unique Pregnancy Announcement Caught In Pictures

Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the biggest moments in a woman’s life. And every woman chooses how to break the news to the world a little differently. Some choose to keep it a secret for a time, while others choose to spread the news right away in diverse and unique ways. With the growth of social media, spreading the news has never been this easy, but finding a new and interesting way of announcing your big news is proving to be more difficult than it looks.

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Pregnancy Announcement

We’ve all seen some interesting ways to announce a baby on our social media: there were the classical surprise parties, where the future dad is the last one of his family and friends that finds out the news. The Scrabble games in which the future mom will spell it out for the dad. The rigged fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant. The present wrapped pregnancy test, when the husband really thinks that he’s going to receive a pen. The family’s dog or cat announcing a new human. The cute drawing on the future mom’s still flat or slightly enlarging belly. The adorable piece of baby clothing on hubby’s laptop. The cute his and hers T-shirt that announce the third player entering the game, or that something is loading for nine months. And last, but not least, the big announcement on social media, with a lot of fireworks emoji in it. Each and every one is a fun way to announce your partner and the world of the big event.

Pregnancy Announcement

But when Brianne Dow found out she was going to have a baby, she didn’t tell the daddy or the world right away. She immediately called her good friend and wedding photographer Samantha Boos instead, telling her of an awesome idea. She wanted to keep that memory alive forever.

Pregnancy Announcement

Using only two chalkboards, the two of them set up an unique way of telling the future daddy the big news, while getting all of his reactions photographed.

Pregnancy Announcement

Brianne told her husband they won a free photo shoot with Samantha and had him drive to the park, giving him no indication of what’s to come. When they arrived, the photographer had them standing on a green patch of freshly cut grass, right next to an isolated winding alley. The sun was shining on the lovely couple as they were sitting back holding the chalkboard.

Pregnancy Announcement

After taking some photos, she told them to write three words that could describe the other and then photographed each board individually. While Brandon was busy finding the words to describe his loving wife, and finally came up with ”Love, cute, sweet” and a smiley face, the soon to be mother wrote “You’re going to be a daddy” on her board.

Pregnancy Announcement

Samantha asked the couple to turn around and see what the other has written. No other word than “great” can be used when describing the surprise on Brandon’s face when he realized that, instead of three things about him, his wife was actually telling him the biggest news of his life so far.

Pregnancy Announcement

The photographer told the Daily Mail that “Brandon’s reaction was priceless when he read her board” and that’s the truth of it.

A wave of powerful emotion hit Brandon and the soon to be dad was at first shocked and couldn’t react, then he was smiling as wide as he could, and then all that emotion developed into happy tears and a strong loving embrace. And, as you probably suspected, Samantha was busy catching every single second of that loving reaction on camera.

Pregnancy Announcement

Brianne said that keeping such a big secret, even for a few days, was very tough on her, but in the end she was glad to do it because she now holds and treasures the wonderful photos that captured the reveal, Brandon’s reaction and most of all, his unaltered, powerful emotions.

The surprise photo shoot certainly captured the couple’s happiness, care and love, and will act as a permanent reminder that they make a beautiful family.

Pregnancy Announcement

As the Dow’s begin their live as future parents, we are certainly looking forward for the next photo shoot, with the new member of the family. We only hope he or she will be as photogenic as the parents.

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