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What Your Life Looks Like Before and After You Turn 30

What Life Looks Like Before and After You Turn 30

The life before 30 From whatever angle you try looking at it, life before and after 30 is different in many ways. Before 30, life for most is about fun and adventure. You are often learning to balance between school, relationships, and fun. For most people before 30, there’s little talk about professional life. Nevertheless, chasing a career in something interesting and is a top most priority for many.

Life Before and After 30


Before 30 years, you are more focused on your sustainability and survival. In most cases, your health is in the best shape, and family ties are close. You don’t worry much about money. Besides, before 30 you are most likely still in your parents’ house. Shelter and security are catered for adequately.

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A night partying, going on a hike or camping in a deeply hidden location fascinates. Besides, you have few goals and plans to think about. Nonetheless, it is important for a person before 30 to hit the special essential milestone. If you don’t check it earlier, it will be impossible or catastrophic to check when you are after 30.

The bucket list before 30

1. Start seeing someone. For most, before 30 relationships don’t go far. But they are worth your time Ensure you get someone to date. Such young relationships will provide vital lessons in your after the 30s. Besides, it’s only in your 20s you have all the time in the world. There’s enough vigor in wearing makeup at 10 pm, going out and returning late in the night. When you are after 30, much often you value your sleep and the warmth of your bed.

2. Get fired or resign from a job. You probably won’t try this after 30. While you are young, getting fired from your job is not an outrageous thing. Besides, you don’t have a family yet to look after or many responsibilities on your shoulder. Getting fired also allows you to do a soul searching on your key strengths and weakness. Also, it shows your capabilities to perform tasks.
If you are not getting fired, quit. Especially if you don’t like the job. Swap for other exciting opportunities. Or try your hands on a new idea. Who knows, with the right amount of passion and determination, it could be the next big thing.

3. Develop a clear vision and path for yourself. Time and tide apparently wait for nobody. Just as much as you are young, you are also growing old by each day. You need to have a sense of purpose and direction while in your youths. Be precise with your goals. But more importantly, ensure you at least meet them. Set high targets and put an alarm on them. This can only be possible if you manage your time well It is important to get your act together when you are still young.

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The magical after 30

After 30 comes with an aura of maturity and a great sense of belonging. For instance, you have probably started a family. Or you are an associate manager in some great company. Or are a promising entrepreneur.
Similarly, your conversation and reasoning are more mature. Your social horizons are extensive and rich with adult stuff. You can converse like an adult on a broad range of issues like politics, business, health and much more.

What life looks like:

1. Work. Work. Work. After 30, the biggest consumer of your time is work. Whether you are an entrepreneur or employed in some organization, you are struggling to make things happen. For instance, pay your bills, look after yourself or family. You need a steady income, and you are very particular about your earnings and expenditure.

2. Saving and investing. After 30, you are mostly thinking about your future. Life after 30 is all about saving and investing for the rainy season or emergencies. After 30 is a struggle to break even and accumulate as much wealth as possible. Probably you could be having a young family, and you want a good life for them.

3. The social network grows small. After 30, life is tiny of partying and having fun. Concentration is at the center of many things. Before you notice, your social network is on a downward spiral. You are keen on keeping close and useful friends only Your phonebook similarly changes. You have much adult talk, and you are keen on specific points when having a conversation. This is unlike before 30 where conversations were a mere chit-chat.

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In conclusion, before 30, the whole life is ahead of you You have the entire time to being yourself. In contrast, after 30, is all about chasing time and making a name for yourself.

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