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Tutorial For How To Install APK Files On Android Smartphone Or Tablet

For many reasons, some Android apps may not available on the Google Play Store. So you can download them over the internet in the form of an .apk file and install them manually. In this guide, we explain How To Install APK Files On Android Smartphone Or Tablet.

An .apk or Android PacKage file is somehow the equivalent of a setup.exe file when you want to install a software on your computer. It is more specifically a package to install on Android smartphone in which there are all the necessary files for the proper functioning of an application. It is type of file that automatically downloads from Google Play Store and installs on our smartphones.

There are many interests related to the manual installation of an .apk files on smartphones among which:

  • Access to beta versions of some applications
  • Access to apps that would have been rejected or removed from the Google Play Store
  • Access to some applications in preview as was the case for Pokemon GO
  • Stop using a service from Google and therefore avoid a little more centralization of our information by the giant
  • Mountain View

Be careful if you have decided to install an .apk file on your smartphone! It should always be kept in mind that this practice involves a lot of risks not only for your smartphone, but also for yourself.

The risks of installing APK

Indeed, malicious people can disguise a malware in a known application such as Instagram by asking you the same rights as the original application to steal your information and personal files from your smartphone.

When you download an .apk file, always be sure that the file comes from a reliable source. That’s why we’ll always recommend that you visit the Google Play Store, which filters and checks apps before make them available to users.

Lets Start To Learn How To Install APK Files On Android Smartphone Or Tablet

Allow unknown sources

On some smartphones such as Samsung or Xiaomi, it will be necessary to allow the installation of applications from sources other than the Google Play Store.

How To Install APK Files On Android Smartphone

To do this, go to the settings of your smartphone and look for the “security” option. After that, look for the “Unknown Sources” option. Activate it, a pop-up warning of the risks to activate this option should then appear, press OK.

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Here we now have the ability to install applications outside the Google Play Store.

Now open apk file you want to install. You just have to press on file to launch their installation.

A white installation pop-up should appear on your smartphone, press “Install” and then press “Ok” to finalize the installation.

All done, now you have just installed an .apk application on your smartphone! You can now remove .apk file that are no longer used by your smartphone to free up space.